Top 5 Asian Fusion Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is just a town full of culinary delights from around the globe with many to decide on between, if you don’t plan in advance, you frequently find yourself dining someplace less dazzling than your taste buds might hope, therefore to greatly help avoid this I have built my top 5 Asian fusion restaurants in Barcelona. I enjoy Fusion cuisine which combines components of various culinary traditions and contains helped to generate a few of today’s most exquisite dining experiences. Asian fusion is no exclusion combining delicacies, methods and dishes through the culinary masters of Japan, Cambodia, China and Thailand to mention but a couple of, and the things I actually adore is each time a restaurant adds a nod to its locale such as for instance a tapas twist from right here in Barcelona.

1. Nomm

Top of my list needs to be Nomm which we’ve currently reviewed and is pictured above, somewhat gem of an Asian Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant. Plus the beautifully presented and delicious dishes served, it features a really friendly staff, great atmosphere and a wonderful collection of delicious cocktails created by their mixologists. Decide to try their twists on sumptuous meals like: Wagyu “Jiaozi” Dumplings, SashimiMixto and Tartar de Atun Yellow Fin Picante and their selection of delicious desserts which won’t leave you wanting. Their menu changes seasonally and presents dishes from all over the world inside their conventional kind having contemporary twist. Nomm is also the initial restaurant in Barcelona to have optional “shared dining table experience”, in which diners can rub arms with fellow foodophiles while sampling a palate widening number of innovative dishes.
Avenue del ParaI-lel, 130, 08015,Barcelona
T: +34 932 807925

2. Uma

If you’re interested in one thing unusual and a little quirky, this might be it. This restaurant just seats 11 people in a single sitting and it is extremely popular so you’ll almost positively have to book before you arrive. Run by chef Iker and his partner Anna you will definitely like a unique and intimate and individual dining experience. There’s absolutely no menu, instead all dishes are tailored towards dietary demands that you share before you decide to arrive after which you will be met with an incredible multi-course meal (around 15 courses!). Almost like Alice in Wonderland, absolutely nothing will likely to be exactly what it appears and also you won’t know very well what expect when you simply take your next bite, for example one course ended up being called ‘The Rolling Stones’ which in all honesty appeared as if a plate of old pebbles then again they let you know: “just 6 of those are edible” – great fun! Quick tip: to avoid any unexpected post-dinner awkwardness, this restaurant is cash only therefore come prepared!
Carrer de Rossend Arus, 12, 08014 Barcelona, Spain
T: +34 656 99 09 30


You might have been aware of the fabulous SHUNKA, but KOY SHUNKA is its sister restaurant supplying a more refined experience and awarded its very first Michelin celebrity in 2013. KOY SHUNKA, which means: ‘intense regular flavour’, is an excellent example of Japanese fusion, offering freshly prepared meals produced from the best ingredients, like their delicious nigiri and sushi prepared appropriate prior to you. This is a undoubtedly authentic Japanese experience whilst the owner was created in Toyota (Japan), taught the art of Japanese food at their father’s restaurant from a young age and worked in several restaurants over here before visiting Barcelona in 1997.
Carrer de Copons, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
T: +34 93 412 79 39

4. Indochine Ly Leap

Another of my Asian-Mediterranean favourites, Indochine Ly Leap, creates selection of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai inspired tapas dishes prepared in what feels as though an metropolitan jungle, where your low-slung table is surrounded by mesmerising seafood tanks, tropical shrubs and orchids plus it even carries a floating house imported directly through the Mékong river! Ly Leap, the cook, exhibits their expertise with spices, citrus flavours and aromatic herbs, grown in his own roof yard. Take to the chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, soy and coriander which comes wrapped in lemon leaves, lamb with plum sweet and sour sauce or stir fried steamed mussel salad with coconut strips and also you won’t be disappointed! This really is undoubtedly one of the more unique dining experiences you’ll find in Barcelona.
Carrer de Muntaner, 82, 08011 Barcelona, Spain
T: +34 934 51 17 96

5. Kao Dim Sum

Finally, Kao Dim Sum provides Asian dining from viewpoint of handmade dim amount haute food in a simple, contemporary environment. Chef Josep Maria Kao creates ambitious cuisine at reasonable costs with dazzling dishes like fried rooster crest with beef, courgette and ginger. Don’t be fooled by the name though as Kao doesn’t just make dim sum: you are able to enjoy meals with Chinese and Catalan details, like the delicious rib roast with sweet-and-sour sauce or green beans sautéed with bacon and Maresme peas all washed straight down with a few exemplary wines.
Carrer del Bisbe Sivilla, 48, 08022 Barcelona
T: +34 93 417 30 64

Therefore, the next time you’re heading to the cosmopolitan money of Barcelona, always book several meals in these exceptional dining locations that may instantly transport you from the Mediterranean to South East Asia in only a matter of bites!