Apple AirPods Reviewed

I wasn’t looking for a new pair of headphones, though grateful when I received some AirPods as a gift, they were put in a draw and forgotten about. It was only when packing for my Christmas vacation that I remembered my new headphones. Curious I finally took them out of the box.

To save you the bother of reading the rest of the article, Apple’s AirPods are awesome. So easy to set up with other Apple devices and so intuitive to use. No buttons, you just ask Siri to turn the volume up, play a song, make a phone call etc. I wasn’t much of a Siri user before I started using my AirPods, but it has now become second nature.

There’s no turning them on and off, the AirPods know when they’re in your ear and when they are not and when you’re using one or both of the buds. There’s almost no physical interaction required.

For something so small the AirPod’s battery life is impressive. Apple says up to 5 hours and I wouldn’t disagree. Charge them backup to almost full in 15mins. Which leads to my favourite feature of the AirPods: their case, which doubles as a mobile charger. This awesome little white box will hold a up to 24hours of juice for your buds. Just put them back in the box and in less than 15mins your almost back up to full power – repeat as necessary.

Of course the case itself will eventually need charging. To do that plug one end of the included Lightning cable into the charging case, the other into a USB device of choice, or even borrow the wall hugger from your iPhone and charge them with that.

The AirPods fit snugly in my ears and I don’t think I have unusually small ear holes. I exercise and go jogging with them and one hasn’t tried to escape yet. The only time they do fall out is if you inadvertently knock one of the protruding stalks.

So far I’ve managed not to lose an AirPod. I take my case with me whenever I’m wearing my AirPods, making sure if I do take one or both off I can keep them safe. Should the worst happen I understand that Apple will offer single AirPod buds for approx. £50.

What surprised me at launch was that Apple hadn’t built a “find my AirPods feature”, something my family rely on heavily to find lost phones. Thankfully this feature is included in iOS 10.3 – you can now use the “Find iPhone” web or iPhone app to ping individual AirPod’s sounding an audible beep, or track your AirPod’s last location.

The most important aspect of any headphone has to be the quality. I’m no audiophile, (on my travels I generally rely on a pair of Beats Studio Wireless Headphones), but what I can tell you is they are every bit as good as my Beats. For my money better. Clearer, generally crisper. They’re just as good with calls and FaceTime as they are with movies and music.

AirPods have instantly become my go to headphones. They’re just so simple to use and easy to store in a pocket or chuck in a bag. For the price they seem like an absolute bargain. Before I looked I assumed they’d be at the same sort of price point as Apple’s new wireless Beats Solo3. Try £100 less. No brainer, treat your self to some AirPods, their the future.