Delta Airlines Re-introduces Free dishes – Will United & United states Follow

Delta Air Lines is bringing back once again free meals in economy class or “coach” to its transcontinental roads between JFK and and Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ironically that is occurring at precisely the same time as British Airways cancels their free food in Euro Traveller economy class.

The pr release says:
Both principal Cabin and Delta Comfort+ clients is likely to be provided one of three meal alternatives – including a vegetarian choice – on both AM and PM flights.
Customers should be able to request a special dinner while they do on all the Delta flights with free dinner offerings.
Flight Fuel will no longer be in love with board Transcon flights, effective March 1.
Alcohol will continue to be offered obtainable on Transcon flights.

Final month this introduction had been tested with passengers on offer the option between a smoked turkey sandwich plus veggie wrap.

This is often a refreshing progress for airlines who primarily appear to focus their attention on the big revenue generators- the premium cabins. Delta has also recently upgraded it’s seats operating class. United has launched Polaris Business Class meaning better bedding, chair and meals in addition to direct aisle access. United States Airlines has also launched the “Super Diamond” Company Seat.

Delta is currently the only US flight to give free meals on transcon routes however if this offering ensures that more travellers decide to travel Delta, develop your other air companies will observe suit..