We have been Handsome Spring 2017 Swimwear

Fine manufacturers of lavishly printed swimwear – We Are Handsome, are straight back for springtime 2017 with two new collections, Hustle Theory and Wildcard. Both stuffed saturated in 2017’s will need to have swim attire.

Hustle Theory features some lovely one pieces with deep plugin neck lines. The star of show for me could be the gorgeous scuba’ish inspired Mirage, a lengthy sleeved quantity with a fab plunging zip.

Wildcard also features swimsuits. The Mirage Collar One piece catches my attention, with its lovely hi necklines, decorated in form of print that defines we are handsome’s swimwear. The lovely Jigsaw Panel also appeals, it’s a one piece with a underwire, cupped help – a must have for any girl in 2017.

Bikinis aren’t totally forgotten, classic cuts make an look along with the ubiquitous hi-waist briefs that people most likely all saw an adequate amount of in 2016.

Our Company Is Handsome