Most useful Beaches In The World: Nosy Be – Madagascar

Madagascar has long been famed because of its amazing biodiversity and unique wildlife. Nestled from the north-western coast is the gorgeous area of Nosy Be, offering intrepid explorers a chance to relax on pristine beaches.

The island’s main hubs, Ambatoloaka and Hell-Ville, are located on southern side for the island. Their beaches can be quite crowded however if you journey over the west shore, visitor numbers drop considerably. The north end with this stretch of coastline provides a wonderful spot to enjoy turquoise waters and stunning sunsets.

The adventurous, there’s also a good amount of tasks being offered. The warm waters around the area provide fantastic opportunities for snorkelling and diving. People who venture inland may stumble across waterfalls, lagoons, cocoa and vanilla plantations, and abundant wildlife within the Reserve Naturelle Integrale de Lokobe.

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