Review: Manhaussen Island Resort, Nordland, Norway

Name: Manhaussen Island Resort

If you are searching for a unique wilderness retreat, accommodations do not come more remote, and at some times during the the entire year, desolate, than Manhaussen Island Resort.

Manshausen Island is found in the Steigen Archipelago off the shore of Northern Norway. Positioned between bleak hills therefore the Barents Sea this resort is both extremely gorgeous and, often times, stark and lonely. Manhaussen Island Resort is definitely an adventure and exploration resort like no other. The location houses the world´s largest population of Sea Eagles therefore the fishing is spectacular.

Three “Seacabins” (pictured above) stay over the old rock jetty using the 4th hut situated over the others for a normal ledge inside surface. They provide awe inspiring views throughout the sea and mountains. Floor to ceiling windows allow you to take in these views from beds or cosy sofa seats. Each hut has two separate bedrooms with dual beds and one alcove for kiddies. All four huts have a specifically created bathroom and kitchen in corian and architectially designed by Snorre Stinessen. Breakfast lunch and dinner are given in the main home depending on the time of the year.

Why go to? Beyond the fishing there was hiking, cave exploring, scuba diving, bird watching, skiing or you can simply relax and flake out within cabin taking the odd plunge in ocean (which will be just recommended within the summer time!) Come right here to see the backwoods in its real glory. There’s absolutely no devote the entire world quite like Manhaussen Island Resort.

Manhaussen Island Resort