Develop a Five Star Hotel Bathroom At Home

We have all been bad of yearning the flawlessness of the resort bathroom your restrooms of our very own houses will never quite live up to. With this daunting aspiration in mind, adding a range of luxury bathrooms and accessories to your own home could often be an intimidating possibility. Developing a restroom befitting of a five-star resort cannot but need an attempt of Herculean proportions. Here are a few basic steps you are able to try compose a bathroom you will cherish forever.

Don’t mirror the remainder

With regards to your very own restroom, homeowners tend to avoid placing any significant work into picking a mirror, and become settling for something which is a pale imitation of true luxury. Choosing the mirror having unique form, texture or function will differentiate your bathroom from rest and engender your bathroom using the feeling of spectacle which so synonymous with a lavish hotel.

Oh, The Vanity

A vanity with flair is indicative of finesse and refinement. Walnut vanity units, for example, are a definite refreshingly various option from their obtuse, white counterparts. Once more, rebelling against orthodoxy is the key in producing a bathroom that seems exclusive and high-class.

Panels Can Generate Area Plus Electricity

Balancing an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy with visual elegance, elegant shower panels are a sure-fire way to develop a luxurious bathroom. Coupled with a sleek bath tray, a suave shower panel will banish any claustrophobic bulky fittings to yesteryear, cleverly creating the impression of space that is undeniably a fixture of any high-end resort restroom.

Wallpaper Over Tiles

Tiling your bathroom is definitely an unnecessary expenditure that merely acts to reinforce a dull, dated look. Renouncing tiles towards more expressive wallpaper is definitely an audacious move, but one that if taken off correctly, is a real signifier of opulence.

Brass And Copper Over Chrome

Chrome is woefully overrepresented in modern restrooms every-where. It adds little when it comes to character, and is best missed towards brass and copper if you truly crave a appearance of authenticity. You don’t must change your entire fittings though, a tastefully placed soap dish or small mirror can speak just as loudly.

Include yourself

Though it appears like a tiny action, storing all of your restroom utensils in a fashionable way reeks of effortless elegance. Enclosing your bathroom possessions in a small hurricane jar or wooden package may be indicative associated with the refinement therefore irrevocably intertwined with your Victorian ancestors.

If there is one definitive quality of each and every undoubtedly high-end hotel, it really is to create a feeling of exclusivity. As though no other devote the world could possibly offer you a superior experience. Creating this type of exclusive environment in your house needs an aura of individuality that typical interior decoration simply fails to offer. So make an effort to be bold!

Most useful Beaches on earth: Ningaloo Reef, Australia

Near the top of Western Australia sits the Ningaloo Reef. This reef is incredible, largely as you move straight from the coastline and right on the reef. This reef hosts turtles, reef sharks and countless colourful seafood. It remains fairly undiscovered as a result of it is remote location, which makes it much less touristy than the Great Barrier reef, and, since the reef is actions through the coast, more available, once you’ve transported yourself to this coastline.

I invested 3 evenings sleeping in a swag bag next to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo reef. Sadly rest eluded me for much of my stay because I spent the complete evening imagining that one of many deadly snakes into the outback ended up being about to enter my swag and cuddle as much as me personally. Nowadays it is possible to remain in more salubrious surroundings associated with the Sal Salis where you can enjoy luxuries like a sleep and en suite bathroom by having a natureloo, and running water, set in the dunes which border the beach additionally the reef.

Expose yourself to the places and sounds associated with the great outdoors; a red kangaroo grazing between the dunes, the beautiful song of a butcherbird or a humpback whale breaching simply beyond the reef. Then pop on your snorkel gear and paddle in to a realm of reef sharks, turtles not to mention, the countless seafood. With just sixteen solar driven eco-luxe backwoods tents, this resort provides exclusive wilderness luxury regarding the shores for the Indian Ocean.

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Most useful Beaches on earth: Koh Thmei Beach, Ream nationwide Park

Well for one thing totally different, this beach is created totally of seashells! A totally captivating sight and really unusual, perfect for photographs. Plus it’s not only seashells, the Ream National Park houses a number of Cambodia’s top beaches and those are Koh Thmei (a mangrove woodland covered area) are additional special. The island it self is practically uninhabited, with stunningly clear waters. At the end by the motorboat dock you’ll get the seashell beach but towards the east of this dock is really a beautiful, pristine stretch of yellow sand – more comfortable for lazing around! This is additionally a great destination to bird watch while the area hosts a large number of species.

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The most effective Luxury Ski Hotels In Lech & Zurs

From gourmet food to dazzling skiing, the chocolate package ski town of Lech plus it’s slightly higher altitude sis, Zurs, offer sufficient activities both on / off the slopes to to attract a-listers and Royals alike. Positioned near the top of the alps (the highest lift 2,450 meters up) this duo of snowy enclaves guarantees snow through the season. This made Lech your favourite of late Princess Diana, which is, in my experience, one of the better places to ski in European countries.

In this article I line up exactly what are truly the two most useful ski resorts in Lech; The stylish and recently exposed Aurelio together with more old-fashioned but similarly luxurious Almhof Schneider. If you are trying to enjoy ultra luxury when you are not swish swooshing down the slopes, both of these resort hotels would be the only ones worth taking into consideration. Both are centrally located merely a quick walk from Lech town. In fact the Aurelio sits further up equivalent road because the Almhof Schneider, across the tiny hill river from the main street. They are both additionally ideally positioned to obtain off and on the slopes along with to take pleasure from village apres ski.

Which hotel is better? The Almhof Schneider has a more traditional Austrian feel having a candle-lit club looking over the town and pine clad rooms with views of this town and slopes. If you get a good room you can’t fail right here. If you book a base room these have actually less of a view and don’t have balcony. In Aurelio the feel is more cosmopolitan and much more like a buddies luxury (VERY luxury) chalet. Associated with the two, the Aurelio most likely has the advantage on luxury (simply) as well as the meals is both inspiring and daring. There isn’t a poor space inside Aurelio; all are gorgeous and enormous with a glorious marble bathrooms and uber modern fixtures. All have balcony and all check out the valley – you can observe the view from our room pictured above.

You cannot make a mistake with either hotel, they’re both brilliant and I also think about both to be in my top 5 ski resort hotels in Europe. Take a study of my reviews of every and you also decide…

Best Luxury Ski Hotels In Lech

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If you are in doubt associated with degree of luxury and convenience you will experience as your taxi weaves its method up the trunk roadways of Lech in direction of…

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Lech is certainly one of my favourite ski locations in the Alps. I have to acknowledge that I was initially attracted to this snow certain resort once I learned that…

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United Airlines long term Business Class trip Reviews

i’ve flown with United Airlines some times and possess evaluated their long haul company Class flights in First and Business Class. My journey reports can be found below.

United states Airlines, United Airlines and Delta are the three primary North American air companies and all sorts of three have all recently launched a brand new, upgraded company course soft and difficult product, with improved seats, food and service. I have talked about much more detail which of those new Business Class rooms is better. In my experience, the United Polaris company Class Pod cabins are likely the greatest hunting of this three seats together with proven fact that these cabins are complemented by matching ground facilities ensures that this whole product is more of an entire experience compared to the American Airlines or Delta offerings.

Below you’ll find my newest trip reviews on United Airlines in Business and top class – it is possible to draw your very own conclusions on the current and future Business Class services and products.

United Airlines Company & Top Class Reviews

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United launched its brand new Polaris company Class in December 2016, changing their BusinessFirst; and Polaris First replacing international very first cabins. The brand new United Polaris Pod concept, that will be named…

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It’s simple to fly the complete United Polaris Business Class experience in the Boeing 777-300ER. This is the first United aircraft to feature the United Polaris difficult item; their new…

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Inside trip report We review United Polaris high grade Frankfurt to San Francisco (SFO) for a Boeing 747-400. United launched its new Polaris High Grade, replacing their Global Very First…

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In this article We review the United Airline Premium provider (P.S.) or company Class, regarding B757-200 nyc Newark (EWR) to Los Angeles (LAX).

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United Airlines has launched its new United Polaris company class, that’ll culminate in a new fully-flat company course seat next year (read my article concerning the brand new United Polaris…

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United states, United and Delta provide excellent new items. Book sensibly and you are in for a goody.

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United Airlines

American Airlines longterm Business Class Flight Reviews

i’ve flown with American Airlines some times and also have reviewed their long term Business Class routes in First and Business Class. My trip reports can be found below.

United states Airlines, United Airlines and Delta would be the three primary North American airlines and all three have actually all recently launched a fresh, upgraded company course soft and hard item, with improved seats, food and solution. I’ve discussed in more detail which of these home based business Class rooms is best. I think, the United Polaris Business Class Pod cabins are probably the best searching associated with three seats and proven fact that these cabins are complemented by matching ground facilities implies that this entire product is more of a total experience versus American Airlines or Delta offerings.

But there might be more potential for in fact exceptional new Business Class Seats on American Airlines. This depends on with regards to United states Airlines gets its aircraft deliveries. A year ago, United states delayed the delivery of five of its 787 aircraft, opting to get four of its units in 2017 over 2016. From this year through 2018, the flight should receive an extra 27 aircraft. Furthermore, American expects to receive 22 Airbus A350s in 2017. 777-200 retrofits may also be ongoing though it is not clear when only the brand new seats are going to be fitted.

Below you’ll find my newest trip reviews on United states Airlines in Business and First Class – you are able to draw your own conclusions on their present and future Business Class products.

American Airlines Business & High Grade Reviews

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I flew in a Boeing 777-300ER (B77W) of American Airlines (AA) transatlantic immediately from brand new York’s John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) to London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) in the 1st Class…

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In May 2016, American Airlines established their brand new Super Diamond design because of its longterm company Class cabin. These new seats is supposed to be installed inside upcoming Boeing Dreamliners and…

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This journey report is from the new United states Airlines (AA) Boeing 777-300ER from l . a . (LAX) to London Heathrow (LHR) which I flew March 2015. The Boeing 777-300ER is AA’s…

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American, United and Delta provide exceptional new products. Book wisely and you’re set for a goody.

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British Airways longterm company Class Flight Reviews

I have flown with British Airways some times and also have evaluated their long haul company Class routes in very first and company Class. My trip reports are present below.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will be the two primary British air companies that fly from united states to Europe, between nyc and London plus a quantity of other US towns and cities. Both airlines function within my top 10 most useful air companies for longhaul company Class and I also also have contrasted them straight within my most readily useful transatlantic flight for Business: British Airways Vs Virgin Atlantic. In summary, when you compare Virgin’s Upper Class to British Airways Club Class, Upper Class wins in nearly every respect. The Clubhouse lounge is fun and it has better food than BA’s Galleries lounges. If you would like privacy and direct aisle access, Virgin additionally wins. Although it is worth re-highlighting that should you are travelling in a couple or as a family, you will likely prefer the layout in British Airways, presuming you want to see family or other half! Virgin’s onboard food offering is more generous, the seat is more comfortable for resting and it has an onboard club.

Below you will discover my latest trip reviews on British Airways operating Class or Club Class and very first – you can draw your personal conclusions.

British Airways First & Club Class Reviews

In “Transport”

On April 10th 2016, I flew top class regarding British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 from London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Muscat International Airport (MCT) in Oman. The BA flight from…

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Within trip report I review Club World, British Airway’s company course, on the B777-200 from London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5 to Tehran that I flew in October 2016.

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In-may 2016, We flew Business Class, or Club World, in a British Airways Boeing 777-300ER (B77W) from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND) in Japan to London Heathrow. British Airways has…

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On March 14th 2015, I travelled company Class within an Airbus A380 of British Airways (BA) from London Heathrow (LHR) to l . a . (LAX). The world’s largest passenger aircraft entered…

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Inside trip report We review Club World, British Airway’s company Class, on the Dreamliner B787-9. If you want to feel the Dreamliner, BA currently routes its B787-9 to Abu…

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Within journey report I review Club World, British Airway’s Business Class, on an A380 from l . a . (LAX) to London Heathrow (LHR) which I travelled in October 2016. I…

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Inside journey report We review Club World, British Airway’s company Class, on an Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from Calgary (YYC) to London Heathrow (LHR). You Could read my outward…

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Within journey report I review Club World, British Airway’s Business Class, on an A380 from London Heathrow (LHR) to Vancouver (YVR) that we travelled in September 2016. The Airbus…

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Discover the best air companies to travel to European countries in Business Class.

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic long term Business Class journey Review

i’ve flown with Virgin Atlantic several times and possess reviewed their long haul company Class or Upper Class. My trip report can be located below.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the two primary Uk air companies that fly from the united states to Europe, between New York and London and also a quantity of other US cities. Both air companies feature in my top 10 most useful air companies for longhaul Business Class and I also have contrasted them straight in my best transatlantic airline for Business: British Airways Vs Virgin Atlantic. In a nutshell, when you compare Virgin’s Upper Class to British Airways Club Class, Upper Class wins in virtually every respect. The Clubhouse lounge is fun and it has better meals than BA’s Galleries lounges. If you want privacy and direct aisle access, Virgin also wins. Though it will probably be worth re-highlighting that in the event that you are travelling in a couple or as being a family members, you will likely like the design in British Airways, assuming you want to see family or spouse! Virgin’s onboard meals offering is more generous, the chair is more content for sleeping and contains an onboard club.

Below you’ll find my latest trip reviews on Virgin Atlantic running a business Class – you are able to draw your own conclusions on their company Class product.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review

In “Transport”

Inside trip report I review Virgin Atlantic in Upper Class. My flight flew from London Heathrow Terminal 3 To bay area plus an Airbus A340-600. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class…

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Discover the very best airlines to travel to European countries operating Class.

Virgin Atlantic

The 10 Best Beaches inside United States

There are some incredible beaches in united states and now we have actually chosen the 10 most readily useful beaches in america which you simply must check out. These top ranked beaches are observed all around the United States, from nyc to California and also such as the Hawaiian isles, and that means you should find one perhaps not too much away, that you are able to journey to.

The 10 Best Beaches In The United States

In “Information”

If you reside in NYC, it is important to escape the city sometimes. Two hours (without traffic…which is unusual) from Manhattan are the heavenly Hamptons. Stretching expanses of…

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In “Information”

Lanai is a personal area off the shore of Maui which will be therefore exclusive you wont be troubled by crowds due to the fact insufficient individuals go here to fill…

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In “News”

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur is unquestionably from the beaten course. Located simply south of Big Sur Facility on Highway 1, just take the slim Sycamore Canyon Path (without signposts!)…

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In “Information”

Cowell Ranch Beach On Half Moon Bay is amongst the best beaches in California. It sits south of Half Moon Bay State Beach on California 1. This Could Easily only…

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In “Information”

Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County, California is really a secluded, quiet beach regarding western Coast. Bowling Ball Beach is just a part of Schooner Gulch State Beach, in Mendocino County.…

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In “Information”

Alamere Falls Beach at aim Reyes nationwide Seashore is just a hidden, crowd-free beach in California. Click Here simply for the Alamere waterfall which cascades in to the sands and ocean below…

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In “News”

Probably the many breathtaking coastline in the Oregon coast is Cannon Beach, bordered by way of a pretty city. Wander around the city with touristy-but-nice free galleries and present shops then…

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In “Information”

This coastline continues on as well as on. Siesta beach is on Siesta Key, a barrier area off the southwest shore for the U.S. state of Florida. Backed by dunes and made…

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In “Information”

Hawaii may sound like a tramline location and definitely Waikiki Beach on Oahu draws crowds, however for something somewhat various try Lanai, an exclusive area from the coast of…

Browse Our review

In “Information”

The beach at Waikiki is unquestionably not just a beach for far from everything. Bordering the city of Waikiki, the tourism hub regarding the Hawaiian Islands, this coastline is…

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Discovering The Magic Of Trinidad: Cuba’s Colorful Colonial City

Trinidad Cuba

Exploring Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad is Cuba’s best preserved colonial city, a unique mix of 1850’s architecture & 1950’s cars that feels frozen in time. Check out some of my favorite things to do in Trinidad.

Trinidad was one of the first Cuban towns founded by the Spanish, and it quickly grew wealthy from the production of sugar cane, cattle, and tobacco due to the importation of African slaves.

The town’s wealth funded extravagant palaces, large plazas, and colorful colonial homes for rich plantation owners.

Much of this colonial architecture remains, making it one of the best preserved historic towns in North America, and it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trinidad has become one of the most popular Cuban cities for travelers to visit.

You can walk cobblestoned streets, listen to live music in the plaza, cool off with fresh sugar cane juice, hop into a horse-drawn carriage, chat with locals, or visit fascinating colonial museums spread about town.

Streets of Trinidad

Vintage Taxi in Trinidad

Things To Do In Trinidad

Anna and I spent two days exploring Trinidad with our friends Hannah & Adam from Getting Stamped. Honestly it didn’t feel like we were in town long enough, there’s a lot to see, and Trinidad is bigger than I thought.

It’s certainly a tourist town though — but even with other travelers around, Trinidad doesn’t lose its charm.

Trinidad is a place where new mixes with old to create a jumble of sights, sounds, and smells.

The city has a great laid-back Cuban vibe — I highly recommend getting away from the main square to explore, losing yourself on the fascinating back streets & alleys.

Plaza Mayor, Trinidad Cuba

Church of the Holy Trinity

Hang Out In Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is the heart of Trinidad, a large plaza comprised of raised gardens, walkways, and cobblestoned streets. Historic buildings from the 18th & 19th centuries still surround the plaza.

Many are painted in pastel colors, topped with red terracotta roofs.

The plaza was built back when the region was rich from sugar plantation wealth. Yet you’ll still find the same churches and mansions previously owned by sugar barons — restored and transformed into museums.

Grab a seat on one of the cast-iron benches, enjoy the gardens, and listen to salsa music emanating from the buildings nearby. However because it’s the main tourist area, be wary of local touts trying to sell you stuff.

Trinidad Church Tower Cuba

Convento de San Francisco de Asis

Trinidad Bell Tower

View From the Bell Tower

Climb The Bell Tower

You’ll notice Convento de San Francisco right away, as you can see the bright yellow bell tower from most parts of town. It’s the most prominent landmark, and a popular postcard photo.

A former convent, it’s now a museum with artifacts from the revolution.

The climb up to the top of the tower is worth the view, and the museum is interesting too. They have some armored vehicles and stuff from the United States invasion.

Trinidad Municipal Museum

Palacio Cantero (Municipal Museum)

Visit Historical Museums

The Museo de Arquitectura is located in a 18th century mansion formerly owned by Sanchez Iznaga. Inside you’ll get a glimpse of what these large homes looked like, as well as a 19th-century style bathroom.

Palacio Cantero is another former mansion, now the Municipal Museum. The main attraction is magnificent views of the city offered by its tower.

Palacio Brunet was once the home of the wealthy sugar baron Conde de Brunet, today it houses Museo Romantico, showcasing luxurious items belonging to the family. Like a 1.5 ton marble bathtub!

Sugar cane juice in Trinidad

Fresh Guarapo Frio (sugar cane juice)

Trinidad Cuba Restaurants

Local Cuban Food

Sample The Cuban Food

Cuban food often gets a bad rap. While I didn’t mind it so much, it’s definitely not as spicy & flavorful as Mexican cuisine. Lots of rice, beans, yuca, and meat on the bland side.

You can buy basic meals at restaurants in Trinidad for between $5-10.

While you might not write home about the food, Cuba excels in coffee, rum drinks, and sugar cane juice. Make sure to visit the La Canchánchara mansion for their special cocktail made of rum, honey, lemon, and water.

Ancon Beach near Trinidad

Relaxing on Cuban Beaches

Playa Ancon Beach

Playa Ancon is a beautiful white-sand beach only 6 miles away from Trinidad. For only $5-10 CUC you can catch a vintage taxi and spend the afternoon there.

For the more adventurous, rent a bicycle pedal over on your own, which takes about an hour. Cuba’s beaches aren’t very crowded, and the turquoise water is crystal clear.

Grab an icy cocktail and get some sun, or if you’re a scuba diver, there’s a dive shop at Playa Ancon from Marina Blanca, directly across the road from Hotel Ancon.

Meeting locals in Trinidad Cuba

Making New Friends

Trinidad Local Neighborhood

Exploring Trinidad’s Neighborhoods

Wander The Streets

Trinidad has an older “city center” area around Plaza Mayor where most of the historic buildings and attractions are located. It’s a pedestrian walking area, no cars are allowed. Most tourists tend to stick around Plaza Mayor.

But taking a long walk down some of Trinidad’s side streets until you get completely lost is one of my favorite things to do. You’ll get a glimpse of what life in Trinidad truly looks like.

Locals often gather on doorsteps and street curbs, hiding from the relentless sun. You may see games of dominoes, deep conversations, bird cages hanging from porches. Don’t be afraid to say hello — and ask some questions too. Most people will be happy to chat!

Casa de Musica Trinidad

Sunset From Casa de Musica

Dance To Traditional Music

Every night around 7pm locals and tourists alike will dance salsa at the open-air Casa de Musica. Order a cocktail and sit down to watch from the wide stone staircase as the sun sets, soaking up the atmosphere.

The steps are one of Trinidad’s few public wifi hotspots, so you’ll see plenty of people on their smartphones for a quick Facebook or Instagram fix.

Music is a big part of Cuban life, especially in Trinidad. Musicians set up on street corners, public parks, or inside restaurants. There’s even a cool nightclub called Disco Ayala that set inside a natural cave!

Trinidad Cuba Horseback Riding

Riding Horses in Trinidad

Go Horseback Riding

When Anna and I wanted to go horseback riding, we just asked the first guy we came across. “No problem!” he said. His friend owns horses and can take us into the mountains for a few hours.

Cuban cowboys were frequently riding their horses down Trinidad’s streets, so we knew it wouldn’t be difficult.

Jesus, our guide, led us out of town past Cuban tobacco farms and up into the dry hills behind Trinidad. We made our way through a forest, eventually arriving at a swimming hole to cool off from the day’s heat.

Topes de Collantes Nature Park

Hiking to Vegas Grandes Waterfall

Topes De Collantes National Park

The Sierra del Escambray mountains are Cuba’s 2nd largest mountain range. It was here some CIA sponsored anti-Castro “bandits” hid in the mountains and fought to try and take back the new socialist government.

The Escambrays are home to Topes De Collantes National Park, a beautiful nature reserve where you can go hiking, horseback riding, visit numerous waterfalls, or relax with a scenic picnic.

The drive into the mountains is pretty steep, but we still managed with our rental car. After stopping at the visitor’s center, we hiked to a stunning blue waterfall & swimming hole called Vegas Grandes. The hike took 2 hours round trip.

Valle De Los Ingenios Trinidad

Rural Cuban Farm Home

Valle De Los Ingenios

Trinidad was one of the most prosperous cities in Cuba due to enormous sugar production in the nearby Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) which still has some working sugar mills/fields.

The region once housed 50 sugar mills and 30,000 slaves to work the fields. During the 18th and 19th centuries this valley was the sugar producing capital of the world.

Don’t miss the Manaca Iznaga Plantation if you visit the valley, where you can see the remains of the plantation’s main house, a huge tower, and the old slave quarters. You can even ride a classic steam train into the valley from Trinidad.

Trinidad taxi by horse

Horse-Cart Taxi in Trinidad

How To Get There

Trinidad is located in South Central Cuba, a 5 hour drive from Havana by car. With our rental car we took a longer route through Playa Giron, a nice way to break up the trip and go scuba diving at the famous Bay Of Pigs.

By bus it’s a 7 hour trip from Havana, and costs $25 USD/CUC. The Viazul Bus terminal in Havana is located at the corner of Avenida 26 and Avenida Zoologico. You often have to buy tickets at the station one day in advance.

You can rent your own vintage 1950’s taxi (with driver) for about $100-$120 per day, or share a taxi with other travelers and split the cost. Just keep in mind these old cars break down from time to time.

Streets of Trinidad

Cobblestoned Streets & Old Cars

Trinidad Donkey Man

Trinidad’s Famous Donkey Man…

Tips For Visiting Trinidad

Because Trinidad is part of Cuba’s tourist trail, you won’t be able to escape the Jineteros, or hustlers. While they aren’t nearly as bad as they are in Havana, they’re around.

Everyone and their grandmother is trying to sell you something. Taxi rides, cigars, casa particulares, bicycles for rent, or they want to show you a great restaurant their cousin owns.

Don’t lose your cool. Be nice, but firm, and say no thanks. You really can’t blame them for trying — Cubans don’t have many options for earning extra money — their government salary is about $30 per MONTH.

Independent travel in Cuba is raw, challenging, and refreshing, but the hustlers can be annoying sometimes too.

Casa Particular Trinidad Cuba

Hostal Vidal (Casa Particular)

Where To Stay In Trinidad

We based ourselves in Trinidad Cuba for 2 nights, and had a wonderful trip. If you’re wondering where to stay in Trinidad here’s my advice:

Budget Accommodation

Hostal Vidal – Excellent casa particular (homestay) run by a very nice Cuban family. Comfortable beds, good breakfast, and AC.

$35 CUC per night, located in front of the bus station.

Fancy Accommodation

Iberostar Grand Hotel – If you’re not quite ready for a local homestay, Trinidad also has a really nice hotel called the Iberostar.

Check prices on:

Cuba’s Colonial City

Trinidad is one city you shouldn’t miss traveling in Cuba. While the island gets 2-3 million tourists per year, most don’t leave Havana, and there’s so much more to see in this fascinating country.

The mix of colonial architecture, historical significance, laid-back local vibes, vintage cars, horse-drawn carts, and scenic mountains nearby made Trinidad one of my favorite places to visit in Cuba. ★

Traveling To Cuba Soon?

Don’t forget travel insurance! I’m a big fan of World Nomads for short-term trips. Protect yourself from possible injury & theft abroad. Read more about why you should always carry travel insurance here.

More Information

Location: Trinidad, Cuba
Useful Notes: Trinidad is full of casas particulares, there are over 350 of them. It seems everyone in the whole town has a room to rent. Remember to ask to see the room first, and try to negotiate on price a bit. Breakfast is often extra.
Recommended Guidebook: Lonely Planet Cuba
Suggested Reading: The Other Side Of Paradise

Things to do in Trinidad, Cuba. More at
Things to do in Trinidad, Cuba. More at

Have any questions about visiting Trinidad? Are you interested in traveling to Cuba? Drop me a message in the comments below!