Someone very naughty has leaked video clips from future episodes of WandaVision, which is a shame considering the entire show hinges on its extreme element of mystery. While we condemn the act, we just had to investigate. Among the clips were snippets of Evan Peters’ role in the hot Disney+ series, which up until this point has been one big, largely debated, question mark.
We mean it! Fan theories are now being bandied about based on this clip, which seems to show Peters as a regular guy (in our opinion). Is his appearance in the series just a fun nod to his previous role, or is there more to it? The main theory stands that Peters is Pietro in Wanda’s eyes, but is actually Mephisto in disguise. We can neither confirm nor deny, but that would be pretty cool. What’s your take on Peters’ role in the series? Who is he, really? Laurén Alexa acts as social content producer and journalist for AWN. 

This entire article contains HUGE spoilers for future episodes of WandaVision, so enter at your own risk…

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For context, Peters previously played Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men films, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed the Maximoff twin for Marvel. Now that Peters will appear in WandaVision, fans have been speculating whether he will be the One True Quicksilver, or if he’ll be someone else entirely. The series deals heavily in illusion and bending reality (and pretty soon, multiverses) so nothing is off the table.

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