Source: Crunchyroll

  • Burn the Witch – Head to Reverse London with this three-episode movie from “Bleach” creator Tite Kubo.
  • In/Spectre– A supernatural romance mystery series following the god of wisdom and the boy she falls for as they solve a series of mysterious incidents plaguing the world.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen – An action-packed series that follows the life of teenager Yuji Itadori who finds himself entangled in an epic battle between sorcerers and powerful curses, even becoming possessed himself.
  • The God of High School – Great martial artists from across Korea and the world come together for the action-packed tournament to become The God of High School.
  • Tower of God – The dark fantasy action series centers on the journey of a young man as he battles his way through the mysterious Tower, building friendships and facing unimaginable terrors as he strives to find the only friend he’s ever known.

All series will be available in both subtitled and dubbed formats, with each title available to fans in the U.S. and Canada.

Crunchyroll and VIZ Media have announced the home video release of five popular series including Jujutsu Kaisen; the Crunchyroll Original the God of High School; Tower of God; In/Spectre; and Burn the Witch, the newest story within the Bleach universe.

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