Bengaluru, India — Technicolor, a leading global creative technology company, has partnered with Oxfam India for a fundraiser to provide immediate “on-the-ground” community support. With industry-leading VFX and animation studios in Bangalore and Mumbai, and engineering offices in Chennai, Technicolor has provided additional and expanded benefits and resources to its employees and their family members during this time and is looking to further support the communities throughout India that are devastated by this second surge of COVID 19.
A large part of India’s medical facilities is desperate for oxygen, and the sheer number of daily COVID-19 cases have overwhelmed the available infrastructure and preparedness. At the same time, the day-to-day existence of the lower socio – economic strata of the society has become severely compromised. Given the severity of the COVID 19 fatalities reaching a record high and cases consistently crossing the 400,000 mark, Oxfam India’s key priority is provision of “Essential Medical Equipment and Supplies” to Hospitals designated for treating the virus.
Source: Technicolor
The drive, originally set up as a result of Technicolor employees from across the globe looking to help their colleagues in India, is now open to the public, with an additional incentive that Technicolor has committed to match up to €100,000 in donations received through its dedicated links.
Talking about Oxfam’s partnership with Technicolor, Mr. Amitabh Behar, CEO, Oxfam India said, “India is facing an unprecedented crisis as the country gasps for oxygen. The pandemic is leaving a trail of devastation and tragedy of unimaginable proportion. Though the health system is overwhelmed, the medical community (including doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital support staff) continues to do a stellar role. We must come forward to support the battle against COVID in whatever way we can. Oxfam India is very happy to partner with Technicolor to provide relief to the most marginalised people during this crisis. Oxfam India has already launched its humanitarian relief response and it entails two broad components. The first is to provide support to the health system with medical equipment and supplies like oxygen concentrators, oximeters, PPE kits, hospital beds and other relevant material. The second part is to provide relief to the poor and vulnerable during this time of crisis through food, dry ration and livelihood support.”
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Commenting on the joint initiative, Mr. Biren Ghose, Country Head – India, Technicolor said, “In India we have close to 6,000 employees – including some of the world’s most celebrated artists and technicians in the digital production of animation, VFX and games, and also an engineering team that creates solutions for our connected home business.  Our talent brings passion and innovation to everything they do in India. A significant number of these employees have undergone and are still going through a very difficult time and all our teams have shown massive solidarity and compassion to each other in these dark days. India is reporting more new cases per day than almost the rest of the world combined. This needs a sustained emergency response over the next several months to address the desperation the country faces. We have great intent, from our staff, clients, industry colleagues and other partners and stakeholders to help India in any way possible during these testing times. We are pleased to support Oxfam’s direct actions which will deliver much needed support to those in need. Technicolor has agreed to provide matching funds up to €100,000/- towards this initiative itself. Please contribute generously and help Oxfam make a difference.”

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