Production: Nerdo
Creative Director: Daniele Gavatorta
Producer: Letizia Saponaro
Illustrator: Daniele Gavatorta
Animator: Dalila Rovazzani, Giulia Manna, Erik Righetti, Daniele Gavatorta
Compositor: Daniele Gavatorta
“The suggested visual key is a reinterpretation of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, a very strong quote of the glorious years of the late 60s and early 70s.”
Nerdo studio in Turin, Italy: “[With] 24 teams, 184 riders, 21 stages, 3450 kilometers, the Giro D’Italia is one of the most important world cyclist competitions… celebrating the heritage of a sport with more than 100 years of history in Italy.
Music: The Animals “House Of The Rising Sun”
“This is an event that moves a huge amount of fans, both cyclist enthusiasts and sports addicts, an event that has a glorious past – Gimondi and Mercks, Coppi and Bartali, the legendary Girardengo and Pantani, are just a few examples of this great history.
“We wanted to combine the idea of the epic effort of a cyclist during the competition, an effort against himself and the obstacles of the environments, with a vibrant and energetic pop aesthetic that enhances the action.
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“[Italian broadcaster] Rai involved us in the production of the 2021 ad, in which we decided to use a style that merges vintage with modern cycling.

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