“Reuben’s inspiration for the video was the title sequence from [Universal Studios’s TV series] Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, whilst giving the visuals the more two-dimensional style of platform games.
Production: Joyrider
Director/animator: Reuben Sutherland
Executive Producer: Spencer Friend
Joyrider executive producer Spencer Friend in London: “Going back in time, director/animator Reuben Sutherland creates a visual feast for Partefact’s new single ‘Time Travel’.
Reuben Sutherland: “I’ve always loved the look of TV shows from the late ’70s and early ’80s, so marrying this with games like Street Fighter and Mario Brothers, was really a great aesthetic that worked well for the lyrics.”
Partefacts "Time Travel" in New Music Video by Reuben Sutherland | STASH MAGAZINE
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Label: Tiny Lights
Artist: Partefacts
Video Commissioner: Craig Schuftan
“The juxtaposition of ideas also sees his trademark design for packages that highlight certain lyrics, as well as old skool Mac OS interface animations.

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