Azure A Team Contributors: Doug Kim, Jason Kilpatrick, Jennifer Han, Joe Hallock, Julien Tauban, Matthieu James, Pallavi Damera, Sang In Lee, Steph Battershell
From the team at Microsoft Design: “Our new Azure icon is a refreshed representative of the Azure ideal: Invent with purpose.
RISE NYC: Andre Holzmeister, Andre Poli, Etienne Du Jardin, Flavio Montiel, Flavio Vidigal, Matheus Nobre, Pedro Vidigal

Client: Microsoft
C+AI Narratives: Ben Erickson, Cassandra Rodriguez, Eric Youngstrom, Josh Keckley, Nick Junke, Otto Arsenault, Ryan Fernan, Sofia Rybin, Traver Philips
“We’ve updated it in the modern spirit of the Microsoft Fluent design system, so it feels like a natural part of the Microsoft family. It embodies the qualities we want Azure to stand for: Innovative, modern, and familiar. A modern icon for the World’s Computer.”

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