Sky Zero
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Sky Zero
Client: Sky Zero
The anchor of a campaign by agency Engine Creative, the film was inspired by the Overview Effect, the profound experience astronauts have when they see the earth from space for the first time.

Color: Framestore
Colorist: Steffan Perry
Senior color producer: Chris Anthony

VO: Sian Phillips
Pete Candeland: “I found no trouble finding inspiration for this film, the world we live in is, of course, an inspiration above all else, and the beauty of our home is best enjoyed in person.
Sky Zero
Director Pete Candeland, his team from Partizan Studio, and new Bordeaux-based animation and VFX house LIGHT take a painterly approach to highlight the planet’s wonders and Sky’s pledge to be carbon-neutral by 2030.
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“We wanted to do something timeless and create a poem through our visual storytelling and landscape painting that also felt fitting as an applicable message to our current situation. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved and put my mind to something of such significance.”
Sky Zero
“So without traveling all over the world to enjoy each location, we found the next best lens to view the world through; landscape painting. We brought the painter’s point of view to this film, taking careful consideration of light, atmosphere, and color.
“This project was also an opportunity for me to reunite creatively with Pete Candeland. I’m very proud of the work and dedication from our artists, particularly toward a project with such a crucial message to express.”
Sky Zero
Sky Zero
Antoine Moulineau, LIGHT founder and VFX supervisor: “I was moved by this project from the very first brief and can’t express how excited we were at LIGHT to take this on, especially within months of opening our studio’s doors.
“It was an absolute pleasure to be involved and put my mind to something of such significance.”
Agency: Engine Creative
Executive Creative Director: Leon Jaume
Senior Creatives: Pete Ioulianou, Ollie Agius
Head of Film: Melody Sylvester
Producer: Melody Sylvester, Elena Sanz
Project Director: Louise Watts
Animation: LIGHT
VFX supervisor: Antoine Moulineau
Executive Producer: Guillaume Raffi
Art Director: Aurelien Ronceray
CG Supervisor: Raphaël Bot-Gartner
Creature Supervisor: Duc Nguyen
Asset supervisor: Tom Bryant
FX Supervisor: Fabian Nowak
Compositing Supervisor: Oliver Johnstone
Rigging Supervisor: Cyril Gibaud
Lead CG Generalist: Landry de Oliveira, Harry Bardak
Concept Artist / Matte Painter: Lukasz Pazera, Carl Edlund
Lighting TD: Marie Fichet, Éloise Bouvarel, Bruno Hajnal
Senior FX TD: Steven Dupuy, Charles Guerton, Tom Freitag
Creature FX TD: Yann Landry
Creature and Groom Artist: Chloé Roberts
CG Generalist: Florian Longuet, Louise Harel, Steve Bell, Craig Reid, Daniel Conner, Thomas Goldsworthy, Lauren McLaughlin
Animation supervisor: Landouzy Florian
Lead Animator: Thibaut Gouilloux
Animator: Léo Recoche, Sydney Padua, Rik Goddard
Rigger: Eléonore Epiney, Mickaël Garcia, Guillaume Vezzoli
Compositor: Chloé Chaucheprat, Tomasz Liksza, Naomi Butler
Producer: Lucy Teire, Alona Carballo
Edit: Engine Film
Editor: James McClean

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