As it prepares to hold a fully in-person edition, Weird Market (formerly known as 3D Wire Market) has released its full program of pitch presentations and other events.
The major European market will hold its 13th edition in Segovia, Spain from September 24 to October 2. Its catalog this year totals 200 projects across animation, video games, transmedia, comics, and board games. Nineteen of those will be pitched onsite. (Note: the animated films and series, and the video games, all have a Spanish or Portuguese producer.)
Weird Market 2021
Below is a list of the 19 project presentations. For a complete list of the 200 featured projects, click here.
Image at top: “Paradise Buffet”

  • Roped, dir. Carmen Córdoba González (Spain), short film
  • Paradise Buffet, dir. Héctor Zafra (Hampa Studio, WKND; Spain), short film
  • Homework, dir. Nacho Arjona (Naolito Animation; Spain), short film
  • Ibis, dirs. Maria Burgués, Enric Sant (Vanova, Bliss; Spain), short film
  • Nayola, dir. José Miguel Ribeiro (Praça Filmes, Il Luster, JPL Films, Soil; Portugal/France/Belgium/Netherlands), feature
  • Robot Dreams, dir. Pablo Berger (Arcadia Motion Pictures, Lokiz Films, Noodles Production, Les Films du Worso; Spain/France), feature
  • My brother is a T-ReZ, dir. Javier Peces (Mr. Klaus Studio, Lusco Fusco; Spain/Portugal), series
  • Mr. Farmacois, dir. Miguel Miranda (La Casa Animada; Spain), series
  • Tiger’s Trigger, dir. Javier Botet (Lamae Studio; Spain), series
  • I, Elvis Riboldi 2, dir. Javier Galán (Peekaboo Animation, Watchnext Media; Spain/France), series
  • Call of the Sea (Out of the Blue Games; Spain), video game
  • Moons of Darsalon (Dr. Kucho! Games, Trademark of Sokolov Corporation; Spain), video game
  • The Well Hunting, dirs. Boris Belghiti, Maxime Paccalet, Pierre Razetto (Kawanimation; France), webseries
  • Block Inspector, dir. Juan Carlos Mostaza (The Cathedral Media Productions; Spain), transmedia
  • Kofi, dir. Jesús García Ferrer (Loftur Studio; Spain), transmedia
  • Om Nom & Jackie Jam, dirs. Arthur Merkulov, Arkady Shumarin (Zeptolab; Spain/Russia), transmedia
  • Samhain, by Francisco Lobón Leal (Spain), comic
  • Sorunne, by Diego G. Reinfeld (Spaceman Project; Spain), comic
  • Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game, by Malachi Ray Rempen (Keen Bean Studio; Germany), board game

There will be roundtables on subjects like Spanish-Portuguese co-productions, and representatives of animation companies will hold a recruitment session for young talent. Over at the parallel 3D Wire Fest, 37 shorts are playing in competition. Head to the website to explore the full program.
Among the projects being presented is Nayola, a feature about the Angolan civil war directed by veteran animation filmmaker José Miguel Ribeiro; we covered its work-in-progress presentation at Annecy this year. Another is the short film Paradise Buffet, the directorial debut of Héctor Zafra, who animated on two well received Spanish films: Mum’s the Word (Soy una tumba) and Birdboy: The Forgotten Children.
There’s more to this sprawling convention than pitches. Weird will host behind-the-scenes talks on two recent Hollywood features made with high-level Spanish talent: My Little Pony: A New Generation and Vivo.

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