Here are the details:
The Freak Brothers, which wrapped production in April, has a home. It will stream on Fox’s Tubi, which is entering original programming.

  • The series centers on three stoners who, after smoking a magical strain of weed in 1969, time-travel to the present day, bringing their 1960s San Francisco attitude with them.
  • The first two episodes (of eight) will debut on November 14, with more following weekly until December 26. On Sunday, November 14, a 90-second sneak-peek trailer will air during the Family Guy episode of Fox’s Animation Domination block.
  • The Freak Brothers is based on the comic strip The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, which Gilbert Shelton created in 1968. It initially ran in underground papers, before finding a wider audience through comic books.
  • The series is produced by WTG Enterprises and distributed by Lionsgate. The animation is by Starburns Industries (Rick & Morty) and Pure Imagination Studios (The Simpsons: Brick Like Me).
  • WTG’s Courtney Solomon and Mark Canton executive-produce alongside Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland (King of the Hill, American Dad!). The voice cast includes Woody Harrelson, Tiffany Haddish, Pete Davidson, Adam Devine, and Blake Anderson. They all also serve as executive producers, as do Shelton and Manfred Mroczkowski.
  • Tubi is one of a growing number of free, ad-supported streaming platforms. Fox Corporation bought it for $440 million in April 2020.
  • It has since built up its catalogue of licensed animation, including anime films and series like adult comedy Regular Old Bogan.
  • The streamer previously said that it plans to roll out 140 hours of original content, animated and otherwise, this fall. Fox-owned animation studio Bento Box will be a key supplier of future original shows.

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