Pedro Conti: “The idea of the film was to spread something positive and a hopeful message in this chaos we are living in with the pandemic. Especially here in Brazil, there are so many conflicts happening on the political side that are breaking the country in two.
Tamo Junto Short Film Pedro Conti | STASH MAGAZINE
Tamo Junto Short Film Pedro Conti | STASH MAGAZINE
Production: Flooul Animation
Director: Pedro Conti
Executive producer: Pedro Conti
CG Supervisor/Production Designer: Pedro Conti
Director of Photography: Pedro Conti, Fydel Botti
Story Consultant: Rafael Calça
StoryBoard: José Marcio Nicolosi, Pedro Conti, Rayner Alencar, Marcio Nicolosi
Character Design: Fernando Peque, Pedro Conti, Gustavo Ramos
Environment Design: Pedro Conti, Fabio Sciedlarczyk
Illustration: Paulo Torinno
Animation producer: Marcio Nicolosi, Thais Peixe, Pedro Conti
Animation Supervisor: Marcio Nicolosi
Animation Lead: Sté Kajimoto, Daniel “bahia” Figueiredo
Animation: Alex Ferreira, Derek Henriques, Ivan Oviedo, Jonathan Souza, Pedro Hemb, Pedro Conti, Camila Silva, Lucas Degani, Graciliano Camargo
Layout: Raphael Vinicius, Pedro Conti
Rigging supervisor: Léo Cadaval
Additional Rigging: Henrique Ribeiro
Modeling Lead: Gustavo Ramos
Character Modeling: Gustavo Ramos, Pedro Conti
Set Modeling: Pedro Conti, Gustavo Ramos, Fabio Sciedlarczyk, Gustavo Ribeiro
Pipeline: Pedro Conti
R&D: Pedro Conti, Gustavo Ribeiro, Fabio Sciedlarczyk, Rafael Coppola Defelippe
Cloth Sim: Pedro Conti, Gustavo Ribeiro
Look Development: Pedro Conti, Fabio Sciedlarczyk, Gustavo Ribeiro
Lighting, Render, Postproduction and Color Grading: Pedro Conti
Editor: Pedro Conti

Tamo Junto Short Film Pedro Conti | STASH MAGAZINE

Original Soundtrack and sound design: Loud+
Additional Soundtrack: Ron Artis II, Vinícius Cavalieri
Voices: Criolo, Luciana silveira, Part. Emicida
English Version: Renato Caetano
Tamo Junto Short Film Pedro Conti | STASH MAGAZINE
“The goal was to find this subtle feeling that can connect all of us.”
“Marcio Nicolosi was the animation supervisor on the production and was taking care of the shots and giving feedback for the animators. I was in the front of story, design, and CG – in collaboration with Gustavo Ramos our lead modeler.
“The production took around 15 months in total but for nine months it was on hold until we all digested current events and recovered from all the disasters that were happening.
“The big challenge was to keep the project moving while we were all working full time on commercial projects. Also, Brazil was hit really hard with the pandemic, so mental health was another big challenge.
“The goal was to find this subtle feeling that can connect all of us. We all are afraid of losing someone we love. We all have sweet memories from old times when life was simpler and we lived happier.
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Director Pedro Conti and his design and animation crew at Flooul Animation in São Paulo, Brazil, just released their new passion project, a short film full of heart and atmosphere called Tamo Junto (Together).

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