VFX Legion tapped its technical and creative talents in developing and producing intricate digital effects for a complex mix of shots for the Disney+ series Just Beyond. The genre anthology, inspired by Boom! Studios’ series of graphic novels written by R.L Stine, features eight episodes, each with a different cast and a stand-alone story set in the supernatural realm.

VFX Legion LA/B.C. Credits:
Legion was brought on to design the elaborate effects for “Which Witch?” (Episode 3) and create the magical feats of digital sorcery that drive the otherworld tale. Led by co-founder and VFX supervisor, James Hattin, Legion’s Los Angeles, and British Columbia studios’ team crafted a variety of digital simulations, seamlessly matching camera angles and blending the photorealistic imagery with practical footage. Throughout the story, conjurations are manifested by a range of dynamic visual effects simulated by artists in Houdini.
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Source: VFX Legion

In the episode, Fiona, the only witch at her high school, has successfully navigated her teen years by keeping her powers a secret. Everything changes with the arrival of her cousin Luna, who, unlike Fiona, is eager to show off her magical abilities. The unfolding story called for an increasing number of challenging CGI visuals – from awe-inspiring to horrifying.
Just Beyond is now streaming on Disney+.

  • James David Hattin – visual effects supervisor
  • Antonio Gallardo – visual effects producer               
  • Nate Smalley – head of production Legion/LA
  • Dylan Yastremski – head of production Legion/B.C.
  • Alanna O’Brien & Matthew Noren – visual effects coordinators
  • Mace Al-Hendi & Joseph Soloway – quality control coordinators
  • Rommel S. Calderon – cg supervisor
  • Eric Ebling, Julian Gleizer & Bryan Shepperd – cg artists
  • Ruy Delgado & Michael G. Jackson – tracking artists
  • Dave Tipper – matte painter
  • Nick Guth, Matthias Lowry & Eugen Olsen – digital compositors                     

Check out ‘Just Beyond’ – VFX Legion Dynamics Before & After:

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