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Even as animation was repeatedly denigrated throughout the evening, Mielgo’s classy acceptance speech serves as a reminder for the animation community to not give up, even in the face of mass indifference from Hollywood. We must continue fighting for the recognition of animation as an art form that has the capacity to express all ideas and emotions. Said Mielgo:
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the animation category really said “let’s get a bunch of disney princesses to say animated films are for kids, joke about how everyone has had to endure rewatching one of Disney nominees over and over, and then pretend an adult-oriented film like FLEE even had a tiny chance”
If the animated feature presentation wasn’t sketchy enough, there was more evidence of Disney Company tampering at the Oscars: Disney used part of the Oscar telecast for Chris Evans, star of Pixar’s upcoming Lightyear, to introduce a commercial for the film. Viewers in the United States would have not noticed anything out of place, but as we noted in the tweet below, in international markets where the Oscars didn’t air on Disney’s ABC, no one saw the commercial.

— Paul Williams (@artporu) March 28, 2022

Super cool to position animation as something that kids watch and adults have to endure
Speaking of cutting categories, the animated short category was one of eight categories that was presented ahead of a time and cut from the live telecast, instead being presented as a pre-recorded segment.
— Houston Coley (@blockbustedpod) March 28, 2022

This belittling of animation starts with the disparity in wages. What they did at the Oscars it’s just a little example of how they profit off the medium without recognizing it’s worth
“Animation is an art that includes every single art that you can imagine. Animation for adults is a fact. It’s happening. Let’s call it cinema. I’m very honored because this is just the beginning of what we can do with animation.”
The downgrading of these categories drew condemnation from countless filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg, Jane Campion, and Denis Villeneuve, and infuriated countless Hollywood craft organizations.
Having three live action Disney princesses to give Best Animated Feature to yet another Disney movie on a Disney owned channel is the equivalent to the Kids Choice Awards having SpongeBob win Best Cartoon on a yearly basis because it’s airs on Nickelodeon. I hate it here.

the oscars painting the picture of animation being for children is no surprise because they literally don’t give a shit about animation nor do they take it as a serious medium

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