Debbie Diamond Sarto is assistant news editor at Animation World Network.
Source: Genius Brands
According to Genius Brands, the Roku Channel reached an estimated 80 million people in Q4 2021. Now viewers will have access to Kartoon Channel!’s full content slate of original programming and children’s brands, including Stan Lee  ’s Superhero Kindergarten, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; the new trivia original gameshow series for kids, KC! Pop Quiz; and Rainbow Rangers, as well as classics such as Baby Genius, and Pac-Man.

“As we begin rolling out the new Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse, we’re excited to share that in less than two years we are fully distributed in the U.S., reaching millions of viewers across multiple platforms!” commented Genius Brands’ Jon Ollwerther, President, Kartoon Channel!. “We are now further enhancing our offering to consumers by bringing The Roku Channel on board as a media partner, significantly expanding our presence in the digital marketplace.”

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Genius Brands has announced that it will offer a dedicated Kartoon Channel! on The Roku Channel, further expanding its presence on streaming platforms. This follows the recent launch of a Kartoon Channel! app as well as content previously released on the platform

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