Posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Duolingo, Inc. (Nasdaq: DUOL), the world’s leading mobile learning platform, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Gunner, a design and animation studio based in Detroit. Duolingo uses animation in its learning apps to drive engagement, keep learners motivated, and build its globally recognized brand.
“Gunner is a world-class illustration and animation studio that we’ve worked with for years, and they know our brand well,” said Bob Meese, Chief Business Officer of Duolingo. “Animation brings life to Duo, our iconic brand mascot, and to our cast of characters. It helps make our products great, and our characters memorable. We love Gunner and are thrilled to welcome their whole team to Duolingo.”
“We have been fortunate to collaborate with so many great brands as a studio, but over the last couple of years Duolingo has stolen our hearts,” said Ian Sigmon, Co-founder of Gunner. “Our artists pour so much care into every project, so it feels right to be at a company that invests in art, and has a mission that we believe in.”
“We know that the hardest thing about learning a language, or any new subject, is staying motivated and that’s why we make Duolingo fun,” said Luis von Ahn, Co-founder and CEO of Duolingo. “Art and animation are foundational to the Duolingo brand, and we use them to help make Duolingo a beloved daily habit in millions of learners’ lives.”
From the release:

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