Need for Speed Unbound Reveal Trailer (ft. A$AP Rocky) by Mike&Payne and Realtime UK

“We worked closely with EA’s marketing team and in-house cinematic artists as well as the awesome team at Realtime UK to create the trailer in EA’s Frostbite engine. It was our first go at working in-engine which presented some new challenges. Working inside the game itself limits your options to only what exists inside the actual game.
Need-for-Speed-Unbound-Reveal-Trailer-A$AP-Rocky-Mike&Payne-Realtime-UK | STASH MAGAZINE
Production: Realtime UK
Director: Mike&Payne
Creative Director: Rob Bullough
Producer: Aurélie Bondon
Motion Graphics/Design: Mike&Payne
Editor: Mike&Payne
Addition Editing: Steven Swanborough, Luke Mathews
Need-for-Speed-Unbound-Reveal-Trailer-A$AP-Rocky-Mike&Payne-Realtime-UK | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: EA Games, Criterion
Mike Tyler and Richard Payne: “The game was being developed with a sick new cel-shading/realistic render style with illustrative motion design elements inspired by hip hop culture. Rocky also provided his new single ‘Shittin’ Me’, which was incorporated and reworked by 2WEI to create the score.

Music: 2WEI
Sound Design: Source Sound
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Need-for-Speed-Unbound-Reveal-Trailer-A$AP-Rocky-Mike&Payne-Realtime-UK | STASH MAGAZINE
Directing duo Mike&Payne (whose talents for gaming action are on full display here and here) link up with London studio Realtime UK on the trailer for the latest Need For Speed release complete with mocap of A$AP Rocky.