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Representative Director Koji Hoshino
More Ghibli drama: Ghibli recently found itself in hot water after guests at Ghibli Park posted inappropriate, sexually suggestive photos with statues of underage characters on social media. After the photos went viral there was an intense social media uproar and Aichi prefecture governor Hideaki Omura chastised the company during a press conference, saying: “Ghibli Park is a place for adults and children to have fun while experiencing Ghibli films. I don’t want people who do things that many find offensive to come to the park.” Ghibli’s inaction at the time sparked outrage, with Hoshino catching some of the flack for not properly addressing the issue.

Reports of a scandal: Japanese publication Shujo Prime broke the news of Hoshino’s departure last week, but it was only confirmed by the studio today. The cause, according to the outlet, stems from a confrontation between the now-former president and Studio Ghibli co-founder and producer Toshio Suzuki regarding misappropriated funds. Cartoon Brew has reached out to Studio Ghibli for comment but has not heard back yet.
Studio Ghibli president Koji Hoshino has stepped down from his position and will leave the company this summer. Ghibli co-founder and former president Toshio Suzuki has taken over as president.

Hoshino’s background: Hoshino was formerly president of Walt Disney Japan before taking over as president of Studio Ghibli in 2008 and becoming the company’s chairperson in 2017. From 2017-2019, Kiyofumi Nakajima served as president, but Hoshino returned to the role in 2021.

Toshio Suzuki, Koji Hoshino
Toshio Suzuki and Koji Hoshino when the latter was appointed president in 2008 – Credit: Sweating Ghibli

I, Koji Hoshino, will resign as a director of Studio Ghibli and leave Ghibli at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in June.
Prior to that, I will be retiring from my position as Studio Ghibli’s president and chairman at the end of March, but I will continue to serve as a representative until the general meeting of shareholders.
Since taking office in February 2008, I have been striving to manage the studio for 15 years. With the completion of the work How do You Live?, I decided that this was the only time to leave Ghibli. From now on, I hope that I will entrust management to my successor and lead the new Ghibli.
On a personal note, I Hoshino will turn 67 this May. In the future, I intend to take on challenges in new fields by making use of my experience and personal connections.
What they’re saying In a letter posted on the Studio Ghilbi website (translated by Google), Hoshino explained:

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