So before covid hit I was working as a  creative producer for a toy company (Wowwee) . I had a  lot of fun making props, costumes and set dec as well as stop-motion animation for TV commercials, social media and youtube shows. We had the most fun working on the Fingerling Show. We worked with the R&D team to rig up their toys with remotes so we can puppeteer the blinks and head turns. Kevin Munroe wrote and  directed  them from LA  and Dany Boivin built the the sets and  most of the props. We worked with a few DP’s like Zach Fay, Ganael Dumontier and Josh Usheroff on set as well as Francis Hannerman who edited and composited all the episodes on the fly.  I was the on-set director, set decorator, costume and props fabricator as well as occasional puppeteer when we didn’t have enough hands. The show was just for youtube with very little budget and time, but it had a muppets feel to it and that made me happy.

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