Ragnarok – The Animation (26 episodes)
Source: Funimation
Funimation has released a trio of popular anime series for a limited time on its YouTube channel (in the United States and Canada) and Gonzo K.K. (in Japan). The streamer has dropped more than 70 episodes – now in HD – of the popular series Ragnarok – The Animation, based on the 2002 MMORPG video game. Joining the line-up is Witchblade and Burst Angel; all three animes are free until November 30 and feature English subtitles.
Burst Angel (24 episodes)
Great evil sweeps across the realm, and the young swordsman Roan, along with his life-long companion Yufa, must face it head on! As the two friends travel toward their destiny, they are joined by an ever-growing cast of heroes. The path they travel is rife with monsters, magic, and danger, but where there’s a will—there’s a way! Lessons lurk in the darkness, and the journey starts now!
Masane Amaha exists on society’s fringe, with no memory and no direction. Upon her arrival back in Tokyo, her fate is altered forever when she unites with the Witchblade—an ancient weapon of ecstasy, power, and pain that penetrates the body and soul. Conscripted into the service of the Doji Group and hunted down by the NSWF, Masane’s greatest battle will be for her very soul.
Witchblade (24 episodes)

The future’s looking bleak. It’s a good thing there’s a new sheriff in town. Her name is Jo, and she’s an enigma even to herself. Alongside her partners Sei, Amy, and Meg, Jo fights for the citizens who can’t defend themselves. Confronting corruption and twisted science, these gals are on fire—and they’re the best chance the wounded city has.

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