Vucko thinks there’s still a ton of potential for growth in the way brands use motion design. “How a brand moves is incredibly important. We believe brands have yet to fully harness the power of motion design in their overall communication strategies. Communication is the foundation of what we do.”
From the release:
What Vucko brings to the table is a real talent for listening, learning, and honing in on what makes a brand tick, then extending this personality into the realm of visual storytelling. On a technical level, they develop animation languages, motion systems, hierarchies, and guidelines. On a holistic level, they communicate. With clarity. With function. With movement.
This quest for clarity both in process and in product is what ensures Vucko’s work is always unmistakable, yet never repetitive. Whether it’s a fast-paced animation language for Ziply, or a geometric exploration in their personal short Design in Motion, or developing an entire kaleidoscopic motion system for Spotify Wrapped 2020, the range that Vucko possesses is staggering. Their love of creation, meanwhile, is equal to their fondness for collaboration, having worked with dozens of brands including Google, Netflix, Strava, Spotify, Viacom, and more.
What they do is simple: they communicate. For Vucko, design with motion is design with intention. Every aspect of the design serves a purpose. There’s a reason for every shape, every color, every pixel. That’s the real value of motion design—the ability to problem-solve, to break down abstract concepts and deliver clear simple messages through movement.
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According to Hornet Managing Director Hana Shimizu, “What I think is unique about Vucko—in both process and personality—is their deep desire to explore the emotional truth of any assignment. They always want to understand what people need. They seek out that narrative thread. From there, they bring in clean, intentional, beautiful motion design to help build and tell that story. That’s the differentiator for me.”

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