On February 9th, fans can explore the full public playtest materials and preorder the “Tales of Xadia Game Handbook,” the core rulebook for the upcoming roleplaying game, set to release later this year.
The Dragon Prince premiered globally on Netflix in September 2018. It was renewed for second and third seasons, which premiered in February 2019 and November 2019, respectively. Netflix recently renewed the series for four additional seasons. With this multi-season renewal, Netflix fully committed to realize the creators’ vision for the seven-season saga. The Dragon Prince won the 2020 Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series and has been a top-ten digital original for all its season runs.
“We are excited for The Dragon Prince community to explore the world of Xadia in a totally new way as they test out Tales of Xadia with their friends and family,” commented Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, co-creators of The Dragon Prince. “This game has the same rich world-building and epic stories that fans of the show have come to know, but it’s all driven by you this time! We can’t wait to hear about your own adventures and escapades through Xadia.”
Based on the award-winning Cortex rules system, players’ stories come to life around the game table where they can forge alliances, uncover secrets, engage in mighty battles, and protect those they love from peril and prophecy. Players accomplish feats of might, mind, or magic that impact the story by rolling different types of dice depending on level of expertise with specific traits. They can play as elves connected to the primal sources of magic or as a member of the Human Kingdoms, customize their traits and special abilities, define values that motivate their characters, and track everything with digital support during play.
Fandom and Wonderstorm have announced the official public playtest for Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince roleplaying game will begin February 9. The tabletop roleplaying game is set within Xadia, the rich and diverse fantasy world of the Emmy Award-winning Netflix original series. Fans who access the playtest will be the first to play the game, still in development, with a planned release later in 2021.
Source: Fandom
“Our goal with Tales of Xadia is to authentically capture the unique feel, expansive world, and epic stakes of The Dragon Prince,” shared Adam Bradford, executive producer, and vice president of Tabletop at Fandom. “As we enter the public playtesting phase, we’re excited for fans to see the game in action, experience a thrilling original story, and share their feedback that will help us finalize the game for the full release later this year.”
Wonderstorm and Fandom were brought to the game table by Joe LeFavi at Genuine Entertainment, who manages the tabletop gaming rights for The Dragon Prince and serves as a managing producer on the Tales of Xadia game series.

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