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A Wilderness of Error plays like a meta retelling of multiple accounts of the same story through multiple lenses. The initial account of a gruesome crime is questioned. That questioning is questioned. And, yes, that questioning is itself questioned.

“Tasked with developing a creative take for an episodic package, we focused on this repeated digestion of the story and errors entailed within.

Audio: Impactist
Production: Impactist
Director: Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.

Client: FX Networks
President, Strategy, Creative & Digital Multi-Platform Marketing
Stephanie Gibbons
SVP Motion & Digital Design: Steve Viola
VP Motion & Digital Design
Amie Nguyen
Creative Director Motion & Digital Design
: Synderela Peng
VP Production Motion & Digital Design: Dara Barton

“We took a literal approach and exploited actual ‘errors’ in a technique wherein each frame is informed by the preceding image. Visual errors get amplified, much like the investigators, writers, and filmmakers have amplified over the years.”

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