Long Live Animation!

The Disney Renaissance
The Disney Renaissance

Early Cinematic Animation

Though the following images barely scratch the surface of the entirety of animation history and the content of my course, I hope they serve as a reminder that the art of animation is alive, kicking… and evolving.
Early Television Animation

The Rise of Pixar & the Rebirth of Disney
The National Film Board of Canada
The UPA Revolution
Modern Series & Streaming

The Animation of Eastern Europe
Of these classes, “The History of Animation” would seem to be the most pedantic, but has in fact proven to be the most inspirational. While blocking in representative slides for the various weekly topics, I was reminded of the depth, breadth, and infinite possibilities of the animation medium.
The Influence of Anime
Before the Beginning

Future Directions

Animation in Taiwan
Following my family’s abrupt relocation from Beijing to Taipei amid the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I eventually landed a professor position at Taipei National University of the Arts, starting this month.

Disney, Fleischer and Warner Bros.
My Spring 2021 course load includes a diverse slate of offerings: “Experimental Animation Workshop,” “Entertainment Business Seminar: Going Global,” “The History of Animation,” and “The Future of Animation: Interactive, Immersive, Intelligent.”

The Global Renaissance

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