“In order to pursue a unique visual style, we have done a lot of research in the visual development stage. At the same time, we also used a relatively time-consuming but extremely effective frame-by-frame animation to add color to the visual effects of the film.
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Music/Sound Design:Si Han
“The entire project is time-critical and task-heavy. We had to constantly challenge ourselves. We are very grateful to our clients for giving us enough trust to create freely.”

B-O-D Studio writer/producer Boo: “It was a challenge for us to make 3D animation retain the unique style of 2D animation as this was a new attempt and a learning opportunity for the team.

Client:Pandada Studio

“We repeatedly optimized the storyboard script in the early stage and used exaggerated camera language to increase the tension of the shots. We also finely sculpted and polished the 3D models of the characters.

Razor-sharp action and camera work by Beijing’s B-O-D Studio elevates these three animated promo videos highlighting characters from the third edition of Pandada Studio’s free mobile game Ninja Must Die.

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