Special Thanks: Sungjoo Jung, Gryun Kim, Woosung Kang, Ihsu Yoon, Yongsub Song, Jeff Han, Jigoon Roh, Ilya Abulkhanov, Victor Jory, Maxim Goudin, Jan Sladecko
In his new passion project “0110”, South Korean 3D artist Taehoon Park sweeps us into a grim tech-ravaged future where intelligent machines threaten what remains of humanity and one survivor makes his escape.

“The initial concept was that the character would move a lot and required cloth simulation, so there were so many things to do – it wasn’t easy to get the job done.
“In addition, since most of the scenes are inside the car, I was able to add camera shake to reduce the awkwardness of the animation.”

Taehoon Park: “The most difficult part of this project was the character animation. The concept completely changed in the middle of production and the character animation was the biggest reason.
Park, currently a lead motion designer at The Mill LA, created the film for Gryun Kim’s online Asymmetry exhibition, the title sequence for which you should certainly watch here.
Toolkit: Cinema4D, Redshift, After Effects, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush
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Director/animator: Taehoon Park
Music: Echoic

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