Synchronization, integration, and metadata
Built-in streaming and connectivity
“Unreal Engine is the perfect vehicle to drive innovation in media production, and Pixotope is all about making that power available to as many media producers and creators as possible,” added Brodersen. “We couldn’t ask for better collaborators than Epic Games and Innovation Norway to give even more content creators access to these storytelling tools through Pixotope Live Cloud.”
Appliance level quality and performance in the cloud
“We are making virtual production more accessible and giving streaming and broadcast production companies more flexibility in how they tell engaging stories,” commented The Future Group CEO Marcus B. Brodersen.
Virtual production allows companies to integrate interactive photorealistic graphics into their live video broadcasts and streams, enabling new and attention-grabbing storytelling.
The Future Group has been awarded development grants from the Epic Games MegaGrants fund and Innovation Norway to be used in development of a virtual production cloud – Pixotope Live Cloud. The cloud-based production platform will enable companies to connect to the power of live virtual production through a ‘pay as you go’ and always available cloud service.

  • Access anywhere, at any time
  • Easy and user-friendly configuration and deployment
  • Easy scalability for content segmentation
  • “Pay as you go”

Source: The Future Group

  • Ultra-low latency point to point streaming for interactive multi-site virtual studio
  • Broadcast industry-standard support for Video over IP
  • Direct to distribution streaming

Launched in 2019, Epic MegaGrants is a 0 million program from Epic Games designed to globally accelerate the work of talented teams and individuals working with Unreal Engine, 3D graphics tools, and open-source software.

  • Embedded metadata streams for telemetry and other synchronization critical components
  • Cloud-enabled Digital Asset Management system
  • Cloud-enabled platform API for integration with 3d-party systems

Built on the production proven Pixotope virtual production technology, Pixotope Live Cloud adds a host of groundbreaking new features:

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