Source: Pixelatl
The 2021 edition of animation, comic, and video game festival, Pixelatl will take place online from September 7-11. This year’s poster, celebrating the festival’s 10th edition, was designed by artists Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutiérrez, the Annie and Emmy Award-winning artists behind Netflix’s upcoming Maya and the Three, as well as The Book of Life (Reel FX / 20 Century Fox), Son of Jaguar (Google Spotlight Stories), and El Tigre: Las Aventuras de Manny Rivera (Nickelodeon).
Pixelatl’s creative partner for 2021 is Aska Animation Studio. Established 3 years ago in Guadalajara, Jalisco the full-service studio specializes in creation of 2D characters and stories. The company is currently in development on various animated series and film projects for creators and studios around the world.
The poster and animated teaser are aligned with this year’s festival manifesto, entitled “We Need Each Other.” The event has become an important platform connecting Latin American creators and with the global animation, comics, and video game industries.

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