Production: Antibody
Director: Patrick Clair
Illustrator: Jock
Designer/animator: Eddy Herringson
Animator: Laura Heath
Visual researcher: Charlie Dahan
Storyboarder: Lance Slaton
EP: Carol Salek
Managing partner: Bridget Walsh
The series, about super-powered children of superheroes struggling to live up to the feats of their parents, is the first from Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar (who also created Kick-Ass) to land on Netflix.

Music: Stephanie Economou
Client: Netflix
Co-EP: Hameed Shaukat

The many talents of Antibody director Patrick Clair and British comic artist Mark Simpson (aka Jock) coagulate into this somber and salient title sequence for Millarworld’s new Netflix superhero series, Jupiter’s Legacy.

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