Production: FEVR
Concept/storyboarding: Julie Perfezou
Producer: Emmanuel Foissotte
Executive Producer: Sara Galvis, Camille Vandenbussche
Ilustration: Juan Barabani
Lettering: Sergio Bergocce
Lead animator: Ruben Sellem
Animator: Ruben Sellem, Florent Tailhades, Merve Noksan, Amael Nicolas
Compositor/editor: Julie Perfezou
Posted on Friday, May 14, 2021 · Leave a Comment 
FEVR design and animation studio in NYC and LA: “We’re all familiar with the ‘Skateboarding Forbidden’ sign, but is it really considered a crime? The answer is NO.
Sound: Ugly Macbeer (Beatsqueeze)

“As Skateboarding fans we decided to put together a sweet traditional animation video that not only expresses a vibe but that it also supports a community!”

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