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The VR short follows the adventures of a little Green Fairy who is driven from her beloved home by the terrifying Fairy Catchers – she has no choice but to find a new place to live. As she embarks on her journey to the “Big Little City,” it is only through sheer faith and perseverance that she can overcome the rejection from other fairies and find her true place in the world.
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Coinciding with International Fairy Day on June 24, New Zealand-based interactive studio and Epic MegaGrant recipient, Conical, is launching The Green Fairy, a 10-minute-long whimsical fantasy adventure virtual reality short film. The movie will be released on supported platforms including Valve’s Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Quest by Facebook. In addition, the company has also produced a 9-part Vlog series with the support of Epic Games. Fans will be able to view it via The Green Fairy Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel. The original 3D animated TV series first débuted in 2018, televised across New Zealand with TVNZ, NZ On Air and NZ Film Commission.
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“The future of Conical and The Green Fairy franchise is experiencing an exciting and innovative leap of progression; our vision along with support by key global industry partners, the likes of Epic Games, is to disrupt the family entertainment market through immersive entertainment,” commented Conical founder and creative producer Alejandro Davila. “In future iterations we plan to introduce artificial intelligence for next-gen storytelling to promote a fully interactive Green Fairy experience.”
Source: Conical
The team harnessed the latest in real-time tools and technologies – such as the Unreal Engine, NVIDIA, Oculus and HTC VIVE – along with cutting-edge motion capture techniques. Full-body movements were performed by actors in New Zealand at the AUT Mocap Studio Lab, with facial capture and lip-syncing performances for the lead roles by US voiceover actors from Disney, Nickelodeon, and game characters seen in Castlevania, Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon Playhouse, Warframe and Marvel Avengers Academy. Motion Analysis’ professional motion-capture suite enabled realistic body motion, while Faceware and Go-Pro cameras were the preferred choice for facial tracking.
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