Production: Lobo
Directors: Isabela Littger, Nando Cohen
Post Production: Clara Morelli
Account Manager: Tatiana Caparelli
Art Direction: Tiago Calliari
CG Director: Mauricio Mauricio Lobel
Animatic Lead: Antonio Soares Neto
Animatic: Antonio Soares Neto, Rafael Fernandes
3D Producers: Rosangela Gomes, Cristiane Santos
2D Layout: Marcelo Fahd, Max Cajazeiras, Marcio Perrela, Geovani Angelo
Color Script: Pedro Minho
Concepts: Tiago Calliari, Anderson Nascimento, Matheus Lins, Fabio Peres, Pedro Kruger, Yan Kyohara, Kevin Gnutzmans
Art Background: Tiago Calliari, Kevin Gnutzmans, Yan Kyohara, Fabio Perez, Pedro Minho, Natalia Bacetti, Bruno Wall, Pedro Kruger
Editing: Kaue Kabrera
Modeling: Thiago Batista, Bruno Saber, Tiago Mesquita Gamba, Felipe Bassi, Guto Sposito, Natan Zuanaci, Alex Liki, Marcel Yuji Tsuruda, Luiza Takayassu
Look Dev Supervision: Ricardo Riamonde
Look Dev:, Ricardo Riamonde, Thiago Batista, Tiago Mesquita Gamba, Natan Zuanaci
Scene Assembly: Raphael Vinicius Silva
Rig Supervision: Leonardo Cadaval
Rig: Leonardo Cadaval, Felipe Gimenes, Henrique Ribeiro, Flavio Castello
Lead Animator: Marcio Nicolosi
3D Animator: Andrea Delfino, Fernando Bastos, Fernando Donizetti, Fábio Ribak, Graciliano Camargo, Helio Takahashi, Leônidas Maciel, Lucas Degani, Jonathan Bento, Alex Ferreira, Jason Tadeu, Rodrigo Dutra, Rodrigo Mendes, Felipe Iglesias, Francisco Catão, Jesiel Almeida, Jonathan Edward, Alexandre Martins, Jorge Zagatto Neto, Raphael Vinicius Silva
3D Generalist: Raphael Vinicius Silva
Light Supervision: Marinho Silva
3D Lighting: Marinho Silva, Rafael Costa Tomazzi, Fernando Azulini, Victor Trovato, Renato Braz, Caio Nahas, Marcelo R. Souza, Felipe Bauer, Rodrigo Sória, Thiago Peretto de Souza, Mauricio Lázaro Trivelin
Head of CG: Fabio Shigemura
VFX Supervisor: Henrique Lobato
VFX 2D: Henrique Lobato, Paulo Passaro
Clean VFX 2D: Francisco Sanches, Michel Venus
Composition Supervisor: Bruno Ronzani, Marco Wey
Composition: Gabriela Maluf, Julio Cesar Saez Moreno, Pedro Fernandes, Christopher Rocha, Felipe Silva, Rudi Gude, Bruno Ronzani, Marco Wey
Color Artist: Leticia Blanco
“We tried to find the most efficient way to tell a complex story within three and a half minutes, all while following the music track.
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Free Fire “Vengeance” In-Game Event Trailer by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE
Free Fire “Vengeance” In-Game Event Trailer by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE
Directors Isabela Littger, Nando Cohen, and a massive Brazilian crew at LOBO conjure a stirring action tale of foes and family for Free Fire Vengeance, an in-game event for the fans of Garena’s battle royale game on Android and iOS.
Client: Garena
“We chose the 2D-look to create a more crafted visual impact, focusing on strong compositions to give every shot an illustration quality. It was an amazing experience to work alongside so many talented artists, having the entire production done in Brazil and by Brazilian artists.”
Free Fire “Vengeance” In-Game Event Trailer by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE
Free Fire “Vengeance” In-Game Event Trailer by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE
Music: Reckoning (ft. Krigarè)
Artist: Krigarè
Animation and mixed media studio LOBO helmed the spot with co-directors Isabela Littger and Nando Cohen, who utilized an angular gritty 2D animation style paired with high-speed smash cuts to fit a backstory and lore spanning years into the span of a 3:26 video. Additionally, the pacing was meticulously boarded to match the song created for the trailer, “Reckoning” ft. singer Krigarè.
Free Fire “Vengeance” In-Game Event Trailer by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE
Free Fire “Vengeance” In-Game Event Trailer by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE
Says Littger: “This film was a big challenge because of the restricted production time, as well as being made mostly remotely due to the COVID pandemic.

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