Animal Alliance of Canada

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Client: Animal Alliance of Canada
Animal Alliance of Canada
Creative director Jeremy Dimmock at Polyester Studio in Toronto: “[This is an] educational spot for Animal Alliance on ending the Cormorant hunt in Ontario.
Music/sound design: Jeff Moberg
Production: Polyester Studio
Creative director: Jeremy Dimmock
Writer: Paul Riss
Style Frames/storyboards: Nuria Boj
Additional frames: Lily Chaio
Lead animator/compositor: Oliver Dead
Cel animators: SJ Lee, Lily Chiao, Dan Siddiqui, Tianyi Zhang, Bruno Basil, Michael Rillo
Animal Alliance of Canada
“We’re working to raise attention on a new government policy that will undo years of conservation work that helped the spectacular return of the Double-crested Cormorant, whose population was driven to precarious numbers twice in the last two centuries.

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