Director/animator: Ross Hogg
Design/Illustration: Sean Mulvenna
BBC Exec Producers: Stephen James-Yeoman & Pauline Law
Sean Mulvenna on the pair’s animation process: “For each scene, I would draw keyframes. Ross would take these, space them out on a timeline and then draw all movement in-between: 12 drawings for every one second of the scene.
“I then gave Ross back the finished drawings and he stitched them together, added some grain, the background color, and a bunch of other animation secrets these types have in their back pockets.”

Few environments provide insights into the depths of human behavior like the crucible of crowded late-night public transit – a fact Scottish director/animator Ross Hogg takes full advantage of in his latest animated short.

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“After that, Ross would send me all his inbetweens and the keyframes and I’d then draw over them to get the nice one-color look. Over the whole film, there were about eighteen hundred frames so I was doing this over most of the two-month production.

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Based on designs from Glasgow illustrator/art director Sean Mulvenna, and produced thru the LUX Scotland program with BBC Now & Next, The Last Train provides a non-linear, impressionistic look at what Hogg calls “a diverse cross-section of tired, drunk, disgruntled, joyous and riotous strangers.”
“Ross would do these in-betweens with the single-minded focus of a robot attack dog, or maybe some sort of animation monk.

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