Production: WOW
Director: Ryo Kitabatake, Takuma Sasaki
Executive Producer: Hiroshi Takahashi
Producer: Ko Yamamoto
Assistant Producer: Ken Ishii
Colorist: Masahiro Ishiyama
Volumetric Capture: Dimension Studio

Ryo Kitabatake and Takuma Sasaki: “Modern people, constantly exposed to information and living together with complicated human relationships. Our self-recognized outlines and boundaries fluctuate, change, and dissolve. This film depicts humans living this repetition with a foreign vividness.
“This project uses the latest volumetric filming technology, it was shot at Dimension Studio in London, and the music was created by Max Cooper.”

“In a dim wilderness, a man continues to walk in the same area as if dragging his tired body. The man’s afterimages float in space to form a giant agglomeration. On land, tentacles cling to the man. Eventually, the man falls to the ground and sinks into his inner world.

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Music/Sound Design: Max Cooper
Mastering: Chris McCormack
Publisher: Manners McDade Music Publishing

Directors Ryo Kitabatake and Takuma Sasaki at WOW in Tokyo commemorate the studio’s 25th anniversary with a visceral CG nightmare for the ages with help from UK real-time and volumetric content specialists Dimension Studio.

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