Watch the process video:
“I’ve never had so much fun and creative freedom in all my years of experience trying to make images move, and I’ve tried to capture why I think Unreal Engine is the future (at least for me) in the accompanying process video.

Music: Iz Svemira
Sound Design/foley/mix: Marko Zivanovic @ Devotion Studios
Sava Zivkovic: “In late 2019 at the Playgrounds festival in Berlin, my friend Jama Jurabaev and I started talking about making a promo trailer for Jama’s 3D asset company Big Medium Small.
“I strongly suggest you give it a watch if you’re interested in how this incredible tool is changing and shaping the future of both indie and professional virtual production.”
Dialogue recording: NevaFilm
Dialogue processing/mix: Bogdan Brakovic
Dialogue recording coordinator: Eugene Krasnoded
Translation: Marnia Vasilkina, Polina Zabrodskaya
Voices: Oleg Fedorov, Andrey Matveev, Andrey Matveev
Category: Animation, CG, Character Animation, Featured, photoreal, Realtime, Short Films · Tags: Big Medium Small, Devotion Studios, Iz Svemira, Sava Zivkovic, Unreal Engine
“‘Irradiation’ marks the first time I’ve used Unreal Engine for a project like this, and the experience is best described as… well, absolutely unreal.
Writer/director: Sava Zivkovic
Assets: Big Medium Small
Motion capture/animation: Take One
Realtime TD: Michael Zaman
Rigging Support: Lucas Salamon
Motion capture performance: Nebojsa Jez, Dejan Jovanovic, Lazar Djukic

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