From the team at Rudo in Buenos Aires: “When Nike proposed us to work on this piece with three artists, we loved the idea – we were very lucky to work with Camille Brountin, Jesica Bianchi, and Soojin Chae.
Client: Nike
“We are big fans of their work, and each one brought a unique atmosphere, each one with its own particularity. We put a lot of love into every frame, every stroke, and every little detail.”
Production: Psyop
Director: Rudo Company
Producer: Ruby Valls
Line producer: Ruby Valls, Ailin Bustamante, Sole Alvarellos
PA: Carolina Fernandez
Art Direction: Pablo R. Roldán
Art development
Gen Z world: Camille Brountin
Tennis world: Jesica Bianchi
Creator world: Soojin Chae
Technical Art direction: Humberto Irigoyen
Character design: Camille Brountin, Jesica Bianchi, Soojin Chae
Model Sheets: Jesica Bianchi, Camila Strusa, Esteban Dunand, Sike
Styleframes: Camille Brountin, Jesica Bianchi, Soojin Chae, Hannah Ruth
Background: Jesica Bianchi, Hannah Ruth
Layout: Sike
Animatic: Ezequiel Torres
Animation director: Ezequiel Torres
Technical Director: Mariano Fernandez
Lead animator: Ezequiel Torres
Cel animation: Juan Pedro Ramos, Patricio Rey, Mariana Diaz, Sol Ferrari, Ezequiel Torres, Franco Pellicciaro
Cel animation assistance, clean up/color: Agostina Salvemini, Leandro Vargas, Esteban Dunand, Emanuel Gimenez, Bianca Valiña, Nicolás Carmona, Daniela Donato, Amadeo Meza, Sofia Sosa, Daniela Barella, Camila Strusa, Amadeo Meza, Malena Medel, Florencia Ponticelli, Miguel Carmuega, Matilda Segura
3D: Mariano Fernandez, Nicolás Sparnocchia
Lead digital compositor: Alcides Izaguirre
Digital compositor: Matias Giacumbo, Mariano Fernandez, Diego Barrionuevo
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