Fox Corporation, reconstituted from the assets Disney didn’t buy in 2019, is now busy assembling its own entertainment portfolio — including original content, animated and otherwise.
As part of that drive, its division Fox Entertainment has announced Grimsburg, a new animated comedy starring Mad Men lead Jon Hamm.
Here are the details:
  • Hamm voices Martin Flute, a sharp-eyed detective with family issues. He has to use all his sleuthing skills — and hang out with his estranged son — to redeem himself in the eyes of the ex-wife he still loves.
  • Grimsburg is created by newcomers Catlan McClelland and Matthew Schlissel; this is their first series order. Chadd Gindin (co-executive producer, United We Fall) serves as showrunner.
  • The animation is by Fox’s Bento Box Entertainment (Bob’s Burgers). Fox has said the studio will be a key supplier of upcoming animated originals, including for the corporation’s streaming platform Tubi.
  • The show will premiere in 2023.
  • “As we continue to expand our animation brand beyond family comedies,” says Michael Thorn, Fox Entertainment’s president of entertainment, “Grimsburg’s wildly funny, bizarre, and inventive take on the crime genre makes it the perfect next-generation Fox comedy.”
  • Hamm is also an executive producer on Grimsburg, as are Gail Berman and Hend Baghdady of The Jackal Group, Connie Tavel, and Chadd Gindin. McClelland and Schlissel co-executive-produce.
  • Other animated originals in the pipeline include Krapopolis, a new comedy from Dan Harmon set in Ancient Greece, and The Freak Brothers, which was picked up by Tubi.

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