“Juan pitched marvelous ideas to us, which in turn made us rethink and pitch new ideas to him (and to ourselves). For several days, this was the process.
Clubcamping creative director Mariano Fernández Russo: “This short film is a result of a different approach to our creative process. A psychedelic creative trip we embarked on during several months of lockdown with the multitalented visual artist Juan Barabani.
Clubcamping Animated Short Film Tartarus | STASH MAGAZINE
“The base texture was animated using After Effects, then imported into Animate where frame-by-frame adjustments were made. Those adjustments were then reimported into After Effects.”
Clubcamping Animated Short Film Tartarus | STASH MAGAZINE
Buenos Aires studio Clubcamping, who dropped this animated sparkler for Porsche back in September, just released an in-house piece of psychotropic fun that will help relieve your Christmas ad overload for the next few minutes.
“And then the animatic came naturally, too: a reflexive, tranquil pace that let one dwell on the excruciating amount of little details we would be animating. Also, that rhythm felt cosmic and solemn.
Production finance: Eleonora Villa
Special Thanks: Victoria Pezzoli, Eloy Fernández Russo, Ignacio de Asúa, Tomás de Asúa Millán, Chloe Maratz, Miumiu Rodríguez, Martín Roma, Dante Millán.
Clubcamping Animated Short Film Tartarus | STASH MAGAZINE
Clubcamping Animated Short Film Tartarus | STASH MAGAZINE
Original Score: Victoria Baraga, Juan Barabani
Audio Post Production: Fede Vilas
“There were so many things we wanted to try – both technical and creative – we just couldn’t focus. It felt overwhelming at times. Then Juan jumped on board bringing his fresh vision, his deep love of art, and a collaborative spirit.
Clubcamping Animated Short Film Tartarus | STASH MAGAZINE
Production: Clubcamping
Director: Clubcamping
Creative director: Mariano Fernández Russo
Art Director/Illustrator: Juan Barabani
EP: Ana Sieglitz, Juliana Millán
Line Production: Carolina Cantero
Animation Director: Mariano Fernández Russo
Animatic: Mariano Fernández Russo
2D animation: Emmanuel Zampalo, Fernando Lamattina, Franco Pelliciaro, Katherine Pryor, Mariano Fernández Russo, Maricel Piazza, Martín Lara
Clean-up: Alan Mohamed, Gabriela Bosco, Sofía Díaz
Additional compo: Yago Lopez
Compositor: Mariano Fernández Russo
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