Eternals End Titles Method Studios | STASH MAGAZINE
“Working closely with Oscar-winning Director Chloé Zhao, Method Studios assembled a striking visual tour of historical artifacts and artworks.
Marvel Studios’ Eternals, about immortal ancient aliens protecting Earth from the equally ancient Deviants, ends with this regal and mysterious sequence of vignettes led by CD’s John Likens and Wesley Ebelhar at Method Studios.
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Eternals End Titles Method Studios | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Marvel Studios
John Likens: “Throughout history, The Eternals have left their mark on mankind, and it was that mark that we wanted to explore through the film’s title sequence.
Production: Method Studios
Creative Director: John Likens
Executive Producer: Adrienne Mitchell
Associate Creative Director: Wesley Ebelhar
VFX Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
CG Supervisor: Brian Dinoto
FX Supervisor: Tomas Slancik
Art Director: Ivan Girard
Senior Designer: Keri Moller
Senior Design Producer: Emily Schaeberle
Designer: Samuel Cividanis
CG Generalist: David Derwin
Lighters: Claire Chang, Da Kim
Compositors: Gerard Andal, Kyle Andal, Frank Fieser, Ana Sofia De Almeida Pereira
Animators: Goran Ognjanovic
Production Coordinators: Kyle Fader, Natalia Zsholobchuk
Design Assist: Nico Johnson
Eternals End Titles Method Studios | STASH MAGAZINE
“From Egyptian hieroglyphics to Aboriginal cave paintings, medieval tapestries to Indonesian shadow puppets, our goal was to show how the mythology of the Eternals has influenced humanity since the very beginning of civilization.”
Eternals End Titles Method Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

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