Dell Technologies announced its new line-up of reimagined machines designed with increased power, intelligent features, and improved security. The new commercial devices, Latitude 9330, Precision 7670, and the Precision 7770 are built for collaboration and performance in today’s new hybrid workspace, providing users with privacy and security features especially important when working remotely.
For additional information, check out the Precision 7670 spec sheet here.
“Getting the employee technology experience right is one of the more significant latent challenges posed by the rapid shift to hybrid work models,” noted Patrick Moorhead, CEO and Chief Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy. “It is a requirement best addressed by holistic device lifecycle management services like Dell Lifecycle Hub, which offers an end-to-end solution.”
Dell Lifecycle Hub is designed to simplify the device lifecycle management process for IT.

  • The first 13” device in the 9000 series and the thinnest of the Latitude portfolio with a 16:10 Infinity Edge display
  • Collaboration touchpad – offers quick access to microphone mute/unmute, video on/off, screen share and chat in Zoom meetings.
  • Features a FHD camera with separate RGB and IR cameras, and neural-noise cancellation.
  • Dell continues its use of sustainable product materials including:
    • The keyboard is made with a total of 44% recycled materials, and the keycaps are made from 75% recycled content.
    • The device is outfitted with bio-based rubber feet (39%), and recycled ocean-bound plastic in the fan housing (28%).
    • It ships in packaging made from 100% recycled or renewable materials, which is also recyclable.
  • Security features include:
    • Dell Optimizer with Intelligent Privacy – conceals information on the screen when an onlooker is detected and dims the screen when you look away, also saving battery.
    • Dual electromechanical SafeShutter
  • Simultaneous multi-network connection, allows users to connect to two networks at once for faster data and video downloads
  • 12th Gen Intel® Core processors
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6E8 and 4G LTE or 5G.9

As some of the industry’s most secure commercial PCs, the new Latitude and Precision devices employ both software-based, above the operating system (OS) protections, and hardware-based, below the OS capabilities, to defend against current and future threats.
The new series introduce security elements to help prevent device tampering and intrusion including chassis intrusion detection, battery removal detection, contact and contactless smart card readers, traditional and FIPS-certified fingerprint readers, and an IR camera for login security.
The new models feature a Dell-patented form factor for DDR5 memory called CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module), enabling a thinner chassis design. It also helps to reduce waste and extend the life of products making the memory more accessible for field repair.
Precision 7670 features include:
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The series has privacy, connectivity, and collaboration features, such as the screen dimming when you look away and the ability to connect to two networks at once.

Latitude 9330:

  • 16” mobile workstation is available in a thin or performance chassis.
  • FHD IR Camera, Windows Hello compliance, Integrated Camera Shutter, Proximity, Contextual Privacy and Ambient Light Sensors
  • Dell Optimizer – AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work, designed to automatically improve application, performance, battery run-time, audio settings and privacy and includes:
    • Provides high-end users with Express Response for performance optimization of storage heavy apps.
    • Intelligent Audio provides audio and mic enhancements and reduces background.
    • Intelligent Privacy
  • Simultaneous multi-network connection, allows users to connect to two networks at once for faster data and video downloads
  • Dell continues its use of sustainable product materials which include:
    • Workstations made with reclaimed carbon fiber and renewable bioplastic.
    • Up to 46% Recycled plastic in fixed workstations and up to 17% in mobile workstations.

Initially launching with CAMM, the Precision 7000 series will also be available with traditional SODIMM options soon afterwards.

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  • 17″ mobile workstation offering our highest scalability across the portfolio and providing desktop-like performance.
  • FHD IR Camera, Windows Hello compliance, Integrated Camera Shutter, Proximity, Contextual Privacy and Ambient Light Sensors.
  • Dell Optimizer (as indicated for Precision 7670).
  • Sustainable product materials (as indicated for Precision 7670).

Key feature highlights include:
The Dell Lifecycle Hub supports all customer-owned or leased inventory across the commercial portfolio, with support for multi-vendor environments.
The new Precision 7000 series:

  • Configuration of devices and consolidation with peripherals
  • Device exchange when an employee changes roles or requires a refresh
  • Facilitate the return of a device when an employee leaves the company
  • Support whole unit exchange in the event a device requires repair

Precision 7770 features include:
Available services include:
Dell Optimizer for Precision provides reporting and analytics features and is tailored to optimize application performance for media-intensive applications.
For additional information, check out the Precision 7770 spec sheet here.

For additional information check out the Latitude 9330 spec sheet here.
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