Music/sound design: Proper Sounds
Posted on Friday, July 15, 2022
Production: Lunar North
Director: Lunar North
Creative Director: Marcus Mullins
Design: Marcus Mullins, Emily Tinklenberg
2D Animator: Marissa Cruz, Marcus Mullins, Samantha Pickett, Emily Tinklenberg
3D Animator: Jake Matauch, Marcus Mullins, Emily Tinklenberg, Jim Vance
“We crafted 3D assets that captured and enhanced the client’s inspiration and tied it more directly to the overall story we were trying to tell with each sample of leather. We also developed the overall branding elements for the piece, creating logos, typographic systems, and print materials.”
Eagle-Ottawa-Immersion-Product-Film-Lunar-North | STASH MAGAZINE
Eagle-Ottawa-Immersion-Product-Film-Lunar-North | STASH MAGAZINE
Eagle-Ottawa-Immersion-Product-Film-Lunar-North | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Eagle Ottawa Leather | Lear Corporation
Scott Waraniak, EP and partner at Lunar North: “Designing with other designers as an audience is as exciting as it is intimidating. Knowledge that discerning eyes would be watching, tempered The wide open creative freedom on this project.
“One of the challenges with this project was finding a way to create a flow and narrative to the piece. We landed on the idea of creating an inspirational journey – moving from more traditional organic colors and textures to unexpected palettes and complex embossing patterns, each chapter built upon the last and pushed creative potential one step further.
Eagle-Ottawa-Immersion-Product-Film-Lunar-North | STASH MAGAZINE
Creative director Marcus Mullins and the team at Detroit design, animation, and post house Lunar North assemble an elegant and richly tactile product film for premium automotive leather brand Eagle Ottawa.

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