ftrack Updates ftrack Review and cineSync 5

“The killer news was the totally overhauled comparison tool with single-key access to shots, interactive and customizable wipe-line, and 0-100% cross-fades,” continued Morrison. “Bonus points for being able to drag anywhere in the window to scrub back and forth with just a hotkey. I never knew I needed it, but now I use it all the time! Congrats to the cineSync team for an outstanding update to an already indispensable tool. They’ve clearly listened to their users – every new feature feels like it adds functionality. Grab it!”
Some of the new features in cineSync 5 include:

  • ftrack Review introduces a newly updated, modern user interface designed for highly intuitive, user-friendly review sessions, alongside a greater focus on efficiency.
  • cineSync 5 streamlines the media review process and supports more collaborative reviews—both local and remote—and has been reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up to meet the evolving demands of creative review and approval.

Jake Morrison, VFX supervisor for Thor: Love and Thunder got a chance to work with cineSync5. He noted “cineSync 5 is a significant upgrade on an application that’s already the best in class.”
Debbie Diamond Sarto is assistant news editor at Animation World Network.

  • An all-new interface designed to make reviews more free flowing
  • More streamlined and responsive reviews with fewer clicks, even when reviewing larger projects with lots of guests and notes
  • A newly designed feedback bar
  • New toolbar features like ghosting, flip and flop, and resolution selection
  • New features for the power user, including tools to manage reviews from within the player interface.

A complete list of features in ftrack Review’s update is available here.
“We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and have incorporated it into a new ftrack Review update that makes for a more responsive media review experience,” shared Rory McGregor, product manager. “Users can now benefit from everything they enjoyed before—including centralized feedback cycles and interactive real-time review—but with the added advantage of a much more effortless workflow. We’re excited to see what our users think as we advance our multifaceted media review ecosystem at ftrack.”
Some of the new features in ftrack Review include:

  • A new infrastructure designed to support faster, more responsive reviews
  • Local review without a license via cineSync Play
  • OTIO and OCIO v2 support
  • Frame/image sequence playback and OpenEXR support
  • Enhanced production tracking integrations with ftrack Studio and ShotGrid
  • Localization support
  • A new, modern UI

ftrack, recently acquired by Backlight, has announced two significant updates to its flagship offerings: ftrack Review and cineSync.

Source: Ftrack

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A complete list of features in cineSync 5 update is available here.