Netflix is determined to make sure that the dog days of summer are not so dogged, with new animated films and series coming each week to help kids and families stay entertained throughout the next couple months.
Check out the sizzle reel showcasing the streamer’s expansive summer slate:
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Upcoming Highlights include New Episodes, Series, and Movies coming:
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Read AWN’s First Look Images: William Joyce Book-Inspired ‘Lost Ollie’ Series.

  • July 7: Karma’s World S3
  • July 8: The Sea Beast
  • July 14: Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight
  • July 18: My Little Pony: A New Generation: Sing-Along
  • July 21: Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous S5
  • July 25: Gabby’s Dollhouse S5
  • July 28: Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Generation
  • August 5: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie – check out the first look images!
  • August 19: The Cuphead Show! New episodes – check out the just dropped images and the teaser.

Source: Netflix

  • August 24: Lost Ollie

Debbie Diamond Sarto is assistant news editor at Animation World Network.
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Netflix Family Summer activity truck will visit neighborhoods this summer bringing fan-favorite characters to meet and greet with giveaways and photo ops.

  • July 9:  Los Angeles, CA
  • July 10:  San Diego, CA
  • July 12: – Long Beach, CA
  • July 16: Chicago, IL
  • July 19: Minneapolis, MN.
  • July 23 and 24: Boston, MA
  • July 31 and August 1: Atlanta, GA.
  • August 14: Houston, TX
  • August 28 – Miami, FL

Check out the “Summer Break” collection here.
Activity Truck US Tour Schedule:

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