Cronin’s style, Campbell adds, makes for “a very European Evil Dead. I don’t think there’s a handheld shot in the entire movie. He’s very methodical.”
Other than his allusion to early talks about an animated Evil Dead, the B-movie king did not disclose many details about a potential plot, or a creative team attached. He did, however, suggest that such a project could “pick up right where [Ash vs. Evil Dead] left off,” adding that “you can do the future a lot easier in animation.”
Campbell previously lent his voice talents to his best-known role for the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, and again in Evil Dead: The Game, which was released this past May.  
During an interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 on Sunday, Evil Dead icon Bruce Campbell revealed that conversations are now brewing about an Ash vs Evil Dead animated series. The live-action TV series Ash vs Evil Dead premiered in 2015 and ran for three seasons on Starz.
“It actually does not suck in the least,” he says of the upcoming feature. “[Director] Lee Cronin did a great job. Sam [Raimi] picks these directors who’ve had some experience, but [whom] we can shove into the Evil Dead box a little bit. These are maverick type directors. [Sam’s] not picking people who are just gonna mimic his shit. They come with very different personalities and approaches.”
“I still sound like Ash, and you know, my voice hasn’t been as beat up as my body has been,” Campbell explains. “I can still do that crap. So, I’ll still do the video game. And we’re already talking about an animated [series].”
Campbell also shared some high praise for the next film in the franchise, Evil Dead Rise.

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Campbell told Collider that although his body isn’t quite up to the task of headlining more live-action Evil Dead installments, his voice is in perfect shape to portray an animated version of Ash Williams.

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